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Renting a house in the USA is a great way to live. Instead of worrying about all kinds of home-owner fees, you get to pay a single monthly amount and know there will be no unforeseen expenses! In most cases, landlords or letting agents will ensure that issues like broken water heaters or peeling paint are resolved without stress on your part. Renting is far simpler than going through the process of buying a home. 

 Depending on where in the US you choose to live, things can be different for different renters. Standard contracts may differ because state laws vary, housing concerns may differ due to different weather conditions, and you might find that different areas have fluctuating rental prices. When you Google “apartments near me for rent” in Pittsburgh and then again in LA, you’ll definitely notice a difference in the prices and also a difference in the prices from area to area inside the city limits. Other factors that affect rental costs include the amenities and maybe even the level of maintenance the landlord is willing to take on. We’re going to explore different rental prices in several cities and look at some of the common causes of price fluctuation so that you’re fully prepared to find the perfect place for you. 

Los Angeles 


Average rental price is $2999 per annum. 

 LA is a hip and happening place to live. There’s so much going on in every part of the city that it will be challenging to choose a place to start looking! There are many restaurant options featuring every kind of cuisine, fabulous shopping, and plenty of entertainment, including cinemas, live music venues, and art galleries. If you’re looking for a safe place to rent but also one that comes with enough stores and enough entertaining things to do, check out the following neighborhoods first:  

West LA 
South LA 



Average rental price is $2171 per annum. 

 Seattle is not only known for its cozy, stay-home weather, but it is also the home of some of the most talented musicians in the country. There is a lot of stunning nature to explore all around Seattle; the region is full of lush, verdant green forests and enough hiking trails to keep you walking for years! There is a lot of entertainment all over the city, particularly live music venues. Things are a lot calmer here than in LA, and, for the most part, homes are a little more spaced out unless you’re looking in the city itself. Here are some excellent places to look for rental homes:  

University District 
University Village 

Ivy Ridge 



Average rental price is $1295 per annum. 

 If you love baseball, particularly the Cibs, you’ve found your ideal place to live! The neighborhoods in this city are iconic and often especially beautiful in the summer. You can spend your weekends looking for the best deep-dish pizza and barbecue in town or taking in some of the most incredible architectural sights, like the Tribune Tower, the Rookery, and the Chicago Cultural Center. Alternatively, get some season tickets to Wrigley Field and watch all the ball games you can handle. If you like Jazz, there’s plenty around every night of the week. If you’re looking for a home to rent, start here: 

West Loop 
Hyde Park 
Ukrainian Village 

Old Town 
Wicker Park 

Washington DC 


Average rental price is $2571 per annum. 

 Washington, DC is the ideal place to live for a history buff. So much American history has happened and is recorded and memorialized in this stately city. Downtime can be spent doing walking tours of historic districts and biking around gorgeous, green neighborhoods. With excellent education and plentiful job opportunities, DC is also a great place to check out if you’re a young family. Here are some great places to consider when renting 

Capitol Hill 
Adams Morgan 
Columbia Heights 



Average rental price is $1399 per annum. 

 This incredible city is a sports lover’s paradise. It’s home to the Pittsburgh Steelers, who are currently six-time Superbowl champions, and the Pittsburgh Penguins, who are presently six-time Stanley Cup winners. Pittsburgh is also a very family-friendly city, so it’s a great choice if you plan to have a family or move with yours. There’s a zoo, aquarium, art and history museums, the Heinz History Center, and botanical gardens. There is plenty to do and see wherever you live, but here are our favorite spots to rent 

Squirrel Hill 
Taylor High School District 

 Things That Make The Difference 

The more amenities your contract/ building offers, the more you can expect your rental costs to be. Having things like a pet-friendly apartment or laundry in the building makes life simpler and more pleasant, so consider this when working on your rental budget. 

If your desired home or building is in a trendy or desirable neighborhood, be prepared to spend a little extra for that privilege. 

Older homes or buildings may often come in at a lower rental price, while newer or remodeled homes will come at a higher price. 

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