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Building a house, renovating your existing property or investing in a new development is an incredible opportunity. There are lots of things to consider along the way, but one of the most important factors is choosing the right home builder. The builder you choose can make a big difference to the final result, so it pays to be selective and do your research. If you aren’t sure where to start then we’re going to go over the top 5 things you need to consider when choosing Brisbane new home builders.

Your Budget

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Building a new home is one of the most exciting things you’ll ever do. Before you get carried away, it’s important to sort out your budget and figure out what you’re willing to spend. The sky’s the limit when it comes to building a home. From highly affordable off-the-plan options to fully custom mansions, you can have anything you want. 

Whatever you have in mind, you’ll be able to find a builder that’s happy to take your money. That means it’s critical to go into this process with a solid budget in your mind. When setting a budget your biggest expenses will be the land and the build itself. We’d suggest using online tools to figure out how much money you’re able to borrow. Once you know that, you can research where you want to live to get an idea of land prices, and the rest of the money can go towards the build project.

Where You’re Building

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Home builders are often very flexible about where they can build, but every company has its limits. If you want to build in a major city then this is unlikely to be a problem. But, if you’re building in remote or semi-rural areas, you may be limited in your choice of builders. Before you purchase a block of land you need to make sure that there is a suitable builder available at your location. If you don’t like any of the local builders that doesn’t have to be a deal breaker. Some building companies may be willing to travel long distances to coordinate your build. Just be mindful that they’re likely to charge a premium for their service.

In most cases you can find out where a builder operates simply by visiting their website. If they’re not available in your specific area, give them a call anyway. Chances are they’ll be willing to help, or they may know of a local builder that can offer a similar service!

The Style of Home You Want to Build

Many home builders set themselves apart by offering specialist services of some kind. They may offer budget builds, or custom homes, or they may focus on a particular design aesthetic. If you have specific ideas in mind for the design of your new home then you’ll need to choose a builder that shares your vision.

While narrowing down your list of potential builders, visit their website and review their catalogue of home designs. Make sure you’re happy with their architectural style, material choice and range of options, because those elements will all make their way into your own project.

Contract Inclusions

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Not all home builders are created equal. There’s no such thing as a standard list of inclusions across the industry. Each builder offers something a little different, and you need to make sure your preferred companies can provide the features you want. For example, some home builders include things like landscaping in their contracts, while others don’t.

To figure out whether your builder offers the right inclusions, make a list of the major features you want. Things like landscaping, ducted air conditioning, premium cladding materials and oversized kitchen appliances are likely to cost you extra, and you need to factor that expense into your final decision.

Reputation and Reviews

So you’ve been through several home building websites and narrowed down your list to the providers you love. Before you set your heart on a particular company though, spend some time researching them online. Read as many reviews as you can find, and pay special attention to what other customers are saying.

Reading reviews can often be the scariest part of choosing a builder. Chances are that your preferred builder will have a few bad reviews. While it’s important to read that feedback and find out what went wrong for other people, don’t focus on negative reviews if the majority of their customers are happy. Plans will change and things are sure to go wrong at some point during every project. By choosing a builder with largely positive reviews, you’ll be working with a company that knows how to handle problems and keep your project on track.

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