AI Tower & Plaza by Nikken Sekkei

Billed as “A Skyscraper City of Greenery, Wind, Water & Light”, AI Tower & Plaza project is located in Shanghai’s defunct Longhua International Airport redevelopment site in the West Bund district along the Huangpu River.

The suburban complex includes two skyscrapers, a high-end office space, an aviation bureau and simulator, an arts center, a luxury hotel and a large retail building.

Photo © MintWow

All design elements were carefully calibrated with respect to prevailing wind currents to optimize its people-friendly attributes.

The uniquely designed architecture includes structural contours and “skirts” fitted to skyscrapers that channel turbulent air and mitigate the heat island effect common in urban centers.

Photo © MintWow

Fluid simulation technology was utilized in plans for everything from building volumes and interiors to commercial public spaces, and landscaping.

The result is a vastly more refreshing and livable area for local residents. This has resulted in an environmentally conscious urban impact, a 70,000 square meter site filled with greenery, water, wind, and light, for the public to enjoy. Source by Nikken Sekkei.

Photo © MintWow

Location: Shanghai, China

Architect: Nikken Sekkei

Client: Shanghai West Bund Development (Group) Co., Ltd.

Site Area: 72,209 Sq.m.

Total Floor Area: 513,152 Sq.m.

Building Height: 231m

Completion: 2021

Photographs: MintWow, Courtesy of Nikken Sekkei

Photo © MintWow

Photo © MintWow

Photo © MintWow

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