Near the tree by Petitdidierprioux Architectes

At the gateway of the Beaujolais vineyards, the project contributes to the qualification of one of the city’s entrances.

The location of the project is defined by the preservation and the emphasis on the existing landscape heritage.

Photo © Sergio Grazia

The corolla of trees defines the pentagonal shape of the building and gives it its architectural identity. The building offers qualitative housing, both by their orientation and their typology.

All of the apartment plans offer generous living rooms extended by large outdoor spaces.

Photo © Sergio Grazia

As for the materials used, they bring a pure, timeless and long-lasting feeling to the building.

The concrete façade is stained in warm tones. It has a faded red color that complements the dominant green.

Photo © Sergio Grazia

17 housing units at the gateway of the Beaujolais vineyards, where the entire design – volume, layout, exterior spaces and colors – was guided by the preservation of the existing plant heritage.

The corolla of trees defined the pentagonal shape of the building and gave it its architectural identity. Source by Petitdidierprioux Architectes.

Photo © Sergio Grazia

Location: Avenue Joseph Balloffet, Villefranche-sur-Saône, France

Architect: Petitdidierprioux Architectes

Structure – GC2E (Thermal Fluids): RBS

Economist: INDICO

SPS control: groupe qualiconsult group

Contractor: AMECO

Client: Utiade

Program: 17 housing units

Area: 1250 m2 SDP

Budget: 2,3 M€

Completed: 2023

Photographs: Sergio Grazia, Courtesy of Petitdidierprioux Architectes

Photo © Sergio Grazia

Photo © Sergio Grazia

Photo © Sergio Grazia

Photo © Sergio Grazia



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