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One of the concrete reasons why some people prefer to build their own homes from scratch is because they want to bring their exact vision to life in their newest dwelling. 

If you’ve always had a dream home since you were young, it’s meaningful to start building it when you finally have enough resources and funds. After all, living in a custom home offers many more perks than you can imagine. 

Contrary to what home shoppers think, the benefits of custom homes can outweigh buying ready-built houses. If you think about it, you’ll have more freedom to choose all home construction details and designs. You can incorporate all the home features that you and your family need. 

On that note, you can consider the following unique features to include when designing your custom dream home: 

Game Room  


Building a separate room intended for entertainment and enjoyment is wiser if there’s more than one gamer member in your family circle. Incorporate a game room feature into your custom home. Gaming entails the use of tools, equipment, and gadgets that can easily clutter your living room. You can avoid this scenario by building a separate game space instead.  

Furthermore, a separate game room allows your family to be loud and express all emotions without disturbing the rest of the household members. Design the room with soundproofing features; your kids are all set to have fun with their games on their breaks. Also, note that you can add other kinds of indoor sports and activities that’ll help stir more fun for your family.  

Home Office  

Work-from-home setups are now a mainstay for many corporations worldwide. If your company allows you the same work style, adding a home office to your custom home makes total sense. Although this may no longer be a fresh idea because many other homeowners have added offices to their residences, you can make your own home office more unique depending on its layout. 

If you spend more time working at home than in your office, the key is to check what office equipment and tools you need. Add a comfortable and modular working desk and chair to elevate your work time better. You can find an empty room in the house and use it as an office or add it to your garage. Whichever you choose, ensure to design and build everything for a complete work area.  

High Ceilings  


The importance of natural light and ventilation can’t be overstated. Custom homes can be built with high ceilings if you want to ensure these two components. Aside from their aesthetic benefits, high ceilings will ensure that your family will have the best indoor air quality at all times. 

With enough air circulating indoors, you won’t have to worry about molds and bacterial growth. And this can lead to a better lifestyle for your family, even when everyone decides to spend more time indoors. 

When designing living room ceilings, make sure to spend more time designing them well in order to make your home look more sophisticated and efficient. 

Smart Lighting  

The smart lighting feature is one of many home features you should include on your list of must-haves. Modern homes prioritize this home feature these days. Not only does it make your custom home more beautiful, but it provides cost savings to your monthly utilities too. With a mobile or tablet, you can turn light settings on and off without being in the room or at home.  

If you’re the forgetful type, you won’t feel fidgety at work because you’re not sure whether you turned off your lights. You can simply check your lighting system on your gadgets. Ultimately, the best reason to add smart lighting to your custom home is because they’re environmentally friendly. You save energy and prevent wasting electricity when no one’s home. 

Walk-In Closet  


For families or couples who own a lot of clothing and fashion stuff, it’s advisable to include a walk-in closet feature for your custom home. You’ll have plenty of room to store and organize your clothing and shoes when you have a built-in walk-in closet in your bedroom. Aside from incorporating it in the master bedroom alone, you may do so in other bedrooms if room size and layout permits. Don’t forget to add enough cabinets and racks to make the walk-in closet more organized and effective. 

Spacious Pantry  

Lastly, a spacious pantry can be another great custom home feature to add. Whether you live with an extended family or you have more than two kids, you probably want to stock more food and snacks for everyone. 

Keeping clutter in check is easier with a walk-in pantry in your kitchen. You can stock up on ingredients, produce, and other snack products without having to fear improper storage and clutter. 

The pantry is a great place to store larger food packages without taking up valuable kitchen cabinet space. And this is convenient for everyone in the house to access when they want to cook or prepare snacks anytime. 



Custom homes are preferable for those who have always wanted to build their dream homes. Aside from enjoying the liberty of personalizing every feature, you can be confident that your home is originally yours and isn’t similar to anyone else’s. Hopefully, you can add all the unique features stated above and make your custom home perfect as you imagine it.  

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