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Hardwood flooring is a beautiful, timeless, and durable addition to any home. However, overtime everyday wear and tear may begin to take a toll on your beloved floors. What happens when you notice dullness, scratches, discoloration, water damage, or wear in general? Is it time to rip up your investment or is there another way? Thankfully, in most cases, hardwood floors can be successfully refinished to effectively restore them to their former beauty. Read on to learn more about hardwood floor refinishing, so you can determine if refinishing your existing flooring could be the right option for you.

What Is Hardwood Floor Refinishing?


Hardwood floor refinishing is the process of sanding down the existing finish and stain on your hardwood floors and then applying a new finish. This process can be done to restore the original beauty of your floors or to change their color entirely. Refinishing hardwood floors is a great way to save money, as it is much more cost-effective than replacing them altogether. 

How Does the Process Work?

The process of refinishing hardwood floors typically involves the following steps:

Preparing the Room: Before beginning, all furniture and other items must be removed from the room and any vents or doorways must be covered to prevent dust from spreading throughout your home. During this time, it is important that the floors and baseboards are prepared for work to begin.

Sanding: The existing finish is sanded down using a drum sander (which is a large machine that uses sandpaper) to remove the existing finish. This part of the process often requires sanding the area more than once.

Cleaing: Once the sanding is complete, all dust and debris must be removed from the floors. This is done using a vacuum and a damp cloth to ensure that no dust remains on the floor.

Staining: After the floors have been thoroughly cleaned, they can be stained with your desired color. A stain can be applied to change the current color of your floors, to match the existing color, or to enhance their natural beauty.

Finishing: After the staining process is complete, a sealer or finish is applied to protect your floors and give them a beautiful shine.

Depending upon the condition of your floor the process may vary slightly, although in general refinishing hardwood flooring includes the above steps. The best part is  once the refinishing process is complete, your hardwood floors will look as good as new without the burden of having brand new flooring installed!

Can Any Hardwood Floor Be Refinished?


In general, most hardwood floors can be refinished. However, there are a few exceptions. If your flooring is too thin or has been sanded down too many times in the past, it may not be able to withstand the sanding process required to be successfully refinished. Additionally, if your flooring is made of a soft wood such as pine, it may not hold up to the refinishing process. To determine if your unique floor is a good candidate for refinishing it is best to consult with a professional flooring contractor who can evaluate your floor and advise you of your options.

What About Engineered Hardwoods?

Engineered hardwoods are comprised of several layers of wood and a top layer of real hardwood. This top layer is what gives engineered hardwoods their beautiful finish. The good news is that this top layer can usually be successfully refinished just like any other hardwood flooring. However, it is important to note that engineered hardwood floor cannot be refinished as many times as solid hardwood flooring, since the top layer is much thinner.

How Long Does Refinishing Hardwood Floors Take?


The amount of time it takes to refinish hardwood floors depends on the size of the area being refinished, as well as the condition of the existing flooring. On average, it can take anywhere from three to five days to complete the entire process. While the sanding can typically be completed quickly, once it comes time to stain and seal the flooring with topcoat, ample time must be given for the products to harden before use to ensure best results.

Why Should I Consider Refinishing My Hardwood Floors?

There are many powerful reasons to consider refinishing your hardwood floors, instead of replacing them. Consider them below:

1.) Eco-friendly: Refinishing your hardwood floors is an eco-friendly choice as it reduces the amount of waste that would be created if you were to replace them.

2.) Cost-effective: Refinishing your hardwood floors is a much more cost-effective option than replacing them.

3.) Convenient: Refinishing your hardwood floors is a much more convenient option than replacing them. You can have the job done in a fraction of the time it would take to replace your flooring, allowing you to get back to life as usual more quickly.

4.) Improved Appearance: Refinishing your hardwood floors can dramatically improve their appearance, giving them a fresh, new look.


5.) Improve Equity: Hardwood flooring is an attractive feature for most homebuyers and is a great way to build equity in your home. Thus, if your existing hardwoods need a facelift, refinishing them prior to listing your house is a great way to get more from the sale of your home.

6.) Get the Most Out of Your Flooring Investment: Refinishing your hardwood floors is a great way to get the most out of your flooring investment. While hardwoods are hailed for their durability in general, refinishing can extend the life of your hardwood floors even more by ensuring the underlying wood is always protected. That way you can continue to enjoy their beauty and function for many years to come.

7.) Update: Refinishing your hardwood floors offers you a simple way to update with a more modern color scheme without investing in an expensive and time-consuming remodeling project.

With so many great things to love about hardwood, why not restore your home’s floors to their original glory? After all, refinishing your hardwood floors is a great way to get the most out of your flooring investment, while also improving the appearance and value of your home. With proper care and maintenance, you can enjoy the beauty of your floors for many years to come! Consider if hardwood floor restoration could be the right investment for your home, so you don’t have to endure another day of looking at scratched, dull, and dingy flooring!

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