COA Hills by Melike Altınışık Architects

COA Hills, an eco-friendly micro-home holiday resort located in Balkaya Village, Sapanca, offers a unique architectural design that promotes health, nature, and eco-conscious living. The resort’s sustainable architectural vision is expected to inspire a new vitality in the region and serve as a healing place where the soul finds its release.

MAA’s architectural design offers guests the opportunity to stay in beautifully designed 26 micro-homes made of natural and renewable materials such as timber which can be re-introduced into natural cycle.

These micro-homes are situated on a sloped landscape that is surrounded by natural treasures such as forests, and they offer breathtaking scenery of Sapanca Lake. Nature has the power to recharge, rejuvenate, and connect people with the natural world around them.

COA Hills recognizes this and provides an escape from the demands of everyday life. Spending time in nature has been shown to have numerous health benefits, including reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, improving mood and cognitive function, and boosting the immune system.

Image © Melike Altınışık Architects

In those terms, COA Hills will become a place of inspiration where nature and design find collaboration. A place to stay with the natural materials that surround, with the feeling of timber so organic and pure, a comfort that’s timeless, a true escape, where joy and peace bound. In the case of COA Hills, the resort has opted to use timber architecture for its micro-homes.

These homes are typically designed to be compact, while still providing all the necessary amenities for comfortable living in a range between 25-50sqm. The resort’s design incorporates the use of sustainably sourced timber materials to construct small, energy-efficient homes.

Image © Melike Altınışık Architects

Timber is a renewable and environmentally friendly building material that has a significantly lower carbon footprint than traditional building materials such as concrete or steel. The use of timber materials allows for efficient insulation, which helps to keep the homes cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

In addition to micro-home living, COA Hills offers several facilities, such as an organic farming area where guests can learn about sustainable agriculture and an on-site restaurant that serves delicious and healthy meals made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

Image © Melike Altınışık Architects

The resort also hosts workshops and classes that cover a range of topics, including cooking, organic farming, and sustainable living.

The outdoor facilities at COA Hills include a gathering amphitheater surrounded by natural beauty, with a stunning view of Sapanca Lake and the surrounding forest. This amphitheater provides a space for guests to connect with nature, relax, and socialize with other guests.

Image © Melike Altınışık Architects

The outdoor facilities also include hiking and cycling trails and fishing on the lake. COA Hills offers a sustainable holiday experience that promotes eco-conscious living while providing guests with an opportunity to reconnect with nature and themselves.

The resort’s natural aesthetic appeal, use of sustainable building materials, and range of facilities make it an attractive destination for those seeking an architectural design that blends in well with the surrounding environment is expected to be completed, with the official opening slated for third quarter of 2024. Source by Melike Altinisik Architects.

Image © Melike Altınışık Architects

Location: Sapanca, Turkey

Architect: Melike Altinisik Architects

Design: Melike Altınışık

MAA Project Director: Ayça Yontarım

MAA Project Team: Sümeyye Uçar, Batuhan Güllü, Atakan Gündüz

MAA Project Team (Concept Stage): Adham Mashaal, Ahmet Can Karakadılar, Elifcan Merden, Ömer Faruk Seçim

MAA Architectural Assistants: Gülnur Aktaş, Bahadır Altın, Seren Esen, Sinem Nida Arslan, Umay Phildius

MAA Design Development Specialist: Melih Altınışık

MAA Creative Media Team: Aykut Dağ, Atakan Gündüz, Elifcan Merden

MAA Media Assistant Team: Buse Yağcı, Tuğba Acar, Anya Ghosh

Visualisation & Animation: MAA

Structural Engineer: Arif Altınışık

Landscape Architect: Nursen Gümüşsoy

Client: COA – City of Angels

Size: 1.200 m2

Date: 2022- 2024

Images: Courtesy of Melike Altinisik Architects

Image © Melike Altınışık Architects

Image © Melike Altınışık Architects

Image © Melike Altınışık Architects

Image © Melike Altınışık Architects

Image © Melike Altınışık Architects


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