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Gutter cleaning is a tumultuous process. And quite a repulsive one if I may be honest. Gutters clog in the US for a variety of reasons. Corporate drainage gutters as well as domestic drainage ones. It often takes a professional equipped with heavy machinery to unclog them. Even then, there is no telling when they may get clogged up again. 

Due to excessive rainfall, natural factors like tree bark, or even human influence that may or may not include excreta. We often tend to look the other way and wish someone would get rid of the blockage because, at the end of the day, someone does. But what if one day it falls down to you? So step up, become your own hero, and spruce up your house by getting those nasty gutters cleaned.

Omens of Gutter Blockage


There are many indications of this sticky situation. Most of them deal with flora and fauna. So, strap in, and let’s go over some of them.

First and foremost, you want to make sure that birds and pests never roam close to points of openings in your gutters. These critters like to carry with them many small trinkets that they use to build their nests. Some even carry twigs or small pieces of metal that they find shiny and attractive. To be honest, we would too. Everyone needs a hobby. But keeping them away from gutter openings is imperative regardless due to the unnecessary blockage that might end up happening from these objects of amusement and self-sufficiency.

Next, knowing your gutter’s condition is also a prime task and you should be checking its condition every six or so months. The reason to say this is because gutters are made of pipes. Pipes tend to corrode; they get wear & tear when used frequently. And all manner of nasty, pointy things afloat in them. Even corrosive gases tend to inhabit these pipes. Thus, over the years, they will lose their durability.

Another sign that is quite alarming and should be gotten rid of at first sight is that of plant growth. An occasional seed may find its way into your drainage one fine day and may get logged into a patch of dirt or a crack in the pipe. This is all it needs to germinate and grow into a beautiful evergreen tree over the years but please, not in your drainage pipe. 

The problem with plants is that they will keep on eroding and pushing into your pipe and eventually break out of it to find sunlight and nourishment for themselves. This may mean getting to live a meaningful life but it completely sabotages your drainage system. Whenever you spot a plant, it’s best to pluck it before its roots grow and become a menace to your entire drainage system. 

Professional help


Of course, there are always gutter cleaner services present for you to help get rid your drainage of any problems but they charge very generously for their services. And quite rightly so because gutter fixing is a difficult task. It takes time, money, and lots of effort to get in there and get the grimy, sticky stuff from the bowels of your gutter. 

For these reasons, workers are justified in their asking price. But they can also be your last resort to this if you be smart about it. Check online frequently to find out the best advice/service from seasoned professionals at the best prices. Ideally, for this, you’d need an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that keeps you hooked up with a viable Internet connection 24/7.  AT&T offers some amazing deals so don’t shy away from giving AT&T customer service phone number a holler, at your convenience of course. 

Check for the best gutter cleaners and the best rates in your area so you know you’re getting your money’s worth and that too from a trusted company. These services don’t come cheap but a new pipe doesn’t either.

Types of drainage worries


Downspout connections of drainage are notoriously at the top of the list of drainage because of their problems with blockage. If the bottom part of the downspout gets blocked then it makes sure the water drainage at the top stays there. Inevitably forming a puddle or a bigger, murky water body. This will likely be at the top of your roof too which, if left unchecked, may seep into the roofing. US houses, especially the ready-made ones, aren’t made to withstand extreme dealings with nature. They need to be checked and maintained. And if not, in this case, will have a moist roof which will eventually have seepage. 

Water leaking and water damage in basements is another sneaky and troublesome problem that is often left unchecked. With water continuously seeping through cracks and orifices in the wall, it is also making the foundations of the house weaker. If not repaired in due time, it can be the reason why you would have to shift houses. The basement may even get flooded and then again pose a risk of flooding the inside of your house with water that only wants a way out. 

Can You Fix It?


Yes, you can! You may be wondering if you can take upon yourself the insurmountable task of fixing a drain. Fixing the entire thing itself may be out of your hands but what one can do is make sure, from time to time, that there is no blockage and debris preventing the gutter from doing what it does best. Making sure a good check and balance is being provided will never bring you to the point of having to fix the entire pipe and henceforth, keep you worry-free and your surrounding area safeguarded from costly endeavors. 


That’s a wrap for our guide on how to improve your home as far as drainage & gutters go. While owning a house may seem all right from afar, it’s what runs inside and underneath the walls that demands maintenance from time to time. Keep a check on these factors and we hope that after reading all the above, you’re more prepared to handle the gutter cleaning aspect of your place. 

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