Lot 30, 55 Eden Avenue by Contreras Earl Architecture

LOT30 at 55 Eden Avenue Development is positioned in a special location in Coolangatta, at the corner of Eden Avenue and Hill Street with great views towards the Ocean on the west side and great views over the tweed river on the South. The location, nestled between the beaches of Greenmount and natural vegetation, provides a unique opportunity to create a residential landmark that coexists with the natural environment.

This location conveys a sense of arrival in the Coolangatta neighborhood. The tower’s design is inspired by the surrounding vegetation and plants, The tower expresses its vertical structure beautifully articulating the massing of the tower achieving an elegant and strong verticality that resembles a blooming flower.

Image © Contreras Earl Architecture

The façade columns are unique and performative since they are the main structure of the whole tower, helping to achieve large living open spaces and most importantly to achieve the strong tapered definition of the tower which allows to minimize the footprint of the building and allows to, increase the landscape areas of the ground level.

At the same time, these columns are also directly related to the balcony definition, the internal distribution of apartments, and the protection of the glazing envelope from a solar incidence. On the other hand, the Villas’ design is also inspired by the surrounding vegetation, its minimal floorplate emulates sharp petals like the tower floorplate, and it achieves an optimum balance between the mid-rise (tower) and the low-rise character of the villas.

Image © Contreras Earl Architecture

The result is a unique architectural expression that integrates the buildings and surrounding nature. With 54 boutique apartments spread across 15 levels, the four-per-floor apartments from Level 1 up to Level 13 and 2 Penthouses on Level 14 offer an alternative to single-dwelling homes. Each apartment’s balconies encourage semi-outdoor living and flexible living patterns, allowing them to be used all year.

The amenities of the development are distributed across the ground floor for the Public and the Rooftop terrace for one of the penthouses, the ground floor includes gardens and outdoor spaces, and the rooftop includes gardens, a kitchenette, and a swimming pool with stunning views toward the ocean. The beach, shops, schools, cafes, and
restaurants are all in the vicinity.

Image © Contreras Earl Architecture

It’s also a short walk from Pat Fagan Park, which has a variety of amenities for families to enjoy, such as playgrounds, sporting fields, and picnic areas. Multiple site parameters, such as orientation, context, environment, and public realm integration, are addressed by the design of the building.

The design process was driven by the strategic corner location. The Tower symmetry allows the building to look almost the same from every angle and the low-rise villas are set to create a balance between both buildings, dynamic floorplate design gives a special character to the development.

Ground Floor Plan

This iconic building will create a unique sense of arrival to the prospering suburb of Coolangatta, as well as a beautiful visual addition to the Coolangatta/Greenmount beach corner, as approached from Marine Parade from the east.

The active interaction of the ground plane with the street-oriented landscape will enhance the pedestrian experience. This new landmark will be a visually appealing architectural addition to the coastal city’s urban fabric. Source by Contreras Earl Architecture.

Typical Apartment Floor Plan


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