Riyadh HQ by AGi architects

A complex where the inside-outside experience of the visitors is designed as fluid as possible.

Vegetation creates a natural boundary towards the harsh traffic, whilst a new elevated plaza with a grand staircase creates a welcoming feeling and invites to seamlessly engage with the building.

Image © AGi architects

The facade is understood as the layering of an outer skin, where matt pre-cast glass fiber reinforced concrete modules give a non-reflective and monolithic stance.

A deeper second layer, protected from the direct sunlight, allow for controlled glazing and a sensible illumination of the office spaces.

Image © AGi architects

This active shading system not only protects the tower and its users, but allows for a permanent view out without disturbing the sober and iconic look of the building.

A thorough study of the sun incidence led the design to manifest into a proposal that acts as an external veil.

Image © AGi architects

Given that not all facades receive the same sun incidence, the strategy required a modular approach that could adapt to the different faces of the building and thus transform its appearance with a monolithic design.

Facing South, the modules will extend to their maximum depth, sheltering from the harsh sun while allowing for a visual on the horizon.

Image © AGi architects

Towards the North, the louvers within the modules creates brighter interior spaces while continuity is guaranteed with a seamless façade pattern.

The facade should not be mistaken for an exclusively external composition sheltering from the sun. The system considers thousands of years of building history to develop a modern mashrabiya applied to skyscrapers new typology and landmark in the region. Source by AGi architects.

Image © AGi architects

Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Architect: AGi architects

Lead Architect: Joaquín Pérez-Goicoechea, Nasser B. Abulhasan

Competition Collaborators: Daniel Muñoz, Ignacio Bergamín, Pedro Moreno

Area: 61,000 m2

Year: 2023

Images: The VIZ Design Company, Courtesy AGi architects

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