Biren + AGi architects win the eCitySevilla challenge

The proposal submitted by Biren + AGi architects has been awarded in the latest eCitySevilla challenge, which seeks innovative solutions for the installation of photovoltaic energy on the facades of PCT Cartuja buildings.

Image © Biren + AGi architects

Our ‘Photovoltaic green façade’ has been designed to optimize energy production, through an innovative design for a ventilated façade and/or curtain wall fully integrated into the building skin.

Image © Biren + AGi architects

The proposed Building Integrated Photovoltaics modules (BIPV) are anchored on a self-supporting wooden structure, and the design is completed with the installation of a green façade on the curtain wall. Source by Biren + AGi architects.

Existing building

Location: Sevilla, Spain

Architect: AGi architects

Partner: BIren

Promoter: eCitySevilla

Client: Junta de Andalucía

Year: 2023

Images: Courtesy of AGi architect

Green facade



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