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It is not uncommon for people in a country like Norway to be frustrated by skyrocketing electricity bills. There are valid reasons to feel this way considering how a significant increase in electricity costs can hurt people’s financial well-being.

Several reasons explain why Norwegians have to deal with this. One of them is the subsea cables connecting the country to consumers in Germany and the United Kingdom. You can read this article to find out how this multinational development is a contributing factor.

Given these circumstances, consumers must find ways to alleviate the expensive cost of powering their households. Energy-saving tips are important, but it is equally important for consumers to identify and subscribe to cheaper electricity service providers in their area. This article will discuss how to go about this. So, read on to find out more.

Steps to Finding Cheap Electricity Prices in Your Area

Norwegians can greatly benefit from finding cheap and considerate service providers in the business of distributing power. To this end, below is a step-by-step guide to ensure that you get cheap electricity prices by finding such service providers:

Be Aware of Your Electricity Consumption


Figuring out your electricity consumption should be your starting point. The reason is that this information will help you know your needs.

Pay attention to your power consumption across various seasons. For example, understanding the differences between energy consumption during winter and summer can give you a good idea of how much heating costs you. As a result, you will be in a better position to figure out your electricity needs.

Information from your smart meter should provide the necessary information. You may also want to reach out to your power distributor for a more detailed breakdown.

Use Online Comparison Websites

There are a handful of online platforms that compare the services and rates of various electricity providers. Information from these platforms can help you understand the best among them in terms of cost. Usually, you would need to streamline your search by inputting your location or postal code for available options.

In your search for these service providers, credible online platforms must be consulted. The reason is that a few of these platforms are biased. It could be because they are sponsored by some of these players in the power sector. So, ensure that your information is gotten from the right source.

Pricing is an important factor to be considered when comparing the various options, but it should not be your only consideration. On the whole, go through the contract agreement of the service provider as this would reveal a lot. More about this would be discussed below.

Choose Between Flexible and Fixed Rates


Broadly speaking, there are two pricing systems for consumers. It is either you are billed using a flexible or fixed rate. As the term suggests, a fixed rate implies that the cost of electricity usage per kWh (Kilowatt per Hour) is fixed. This arrangement can hold for up to three years before it is reviewed.

On the other hand, flexible (also known as variable) rates are not static. They are volatile given how they are influenced by current market conditions. Some of the market conditions that affect flexible pricing systems include the balance of demand and supply, incentives for renewable energy usage, amount of generated power, and weather conditions.

By the way, there are sub-categories of flexible pricing systems. So, you would still have to choose the one that best suits you if you opt for this option.

Determining which pricing system is cheaper, whether fixed or flexible, can be challenging. However, the smart thing to do would be to consider present market conditions as well as your preferences before making your decision.

Do a Detailed Review of the Contract Terms and Conditions

You cannot truly know how cheap or expensive an electricity provider’s services are until you have gone through their contract. Sadly, some of these service providers are aware that some consumers will not go through the details of the contract.

As a result, they can include terms and conditions that are not in the consumer’s best interest. For example, it is not unusual to see agreements stipulating that there will be penalties if consumers terminate their contract before a period. This condition can take effect if the decision to change the electricity provider is made.

Also, find out additional costs besides the basic tariff rate. There could be additional costs like administration charges and sign-up fees.

While the basic tariff may be low, subscribers may be obliged to pay costly additional fees which may massively drive up the cost of getting electricity. This is how to critically examine the billigste strømpris (cheapest electricity prices).

Do not only assess the cost by the basic tariff rate. All these point to the need to make informed decisions before subscribing to the service of an electricity provider.

Verify Customer Satisfaction by Checking Reviews


The experience of previous and existing customers that use the provider’s service is important. Thankfully, physical interaction is not required to get this information.

There are online platforms that make it possible to get enough information. Examples include review websites, social media groups, and online forums at large.

Check information about these electricity providers on these platforms as your findings can help out. It is recommended that you conduct findings based on several yardsticks. This should include the service provider’s – billing accuracy, quality of customer service, and the general satisfaction of previous and existing customers.

Direct Contact with Electricity Providers

Your contact at this stage should not be to subscribe to their service. Rather, it is to run final checks. For starters, you want to be certain that the positive information gathered about their pricing and services at large is true.

One of the reasons this is important is that the information gotten from external sources might be outdated. So, this contact is to ensure that everything checks out.

In addition to this, direct contact is also important for negotiating better deals. This is a possibility with some options as you can get available incentives, discounts, and other special offers. So, make findings about this as well.

Opt for Renewable Energy


Some articles on this subject may as well skip this point. This is because it does not directly affect your chances of getting the cheapest electricity prices. Some non-renewable electricity generating sources may even be cheaper than renewable options.

However, opting for electricity from renewable sources is in everyone’s best interest. This is because it puts a check on carbon footprint as carbon is the main element in most non-renewable electricity sources.

You would greatly reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses by making this decision. So, it is recommended that you do this.

Understanding the Need for Energy-Efficient Practices

Getting cheaper electricity prices does not only lie in choosing cheap service providers. You also need to engage in energy-efficient practices. Some of these energy-efficient practices include the following:

Efficient Use of Cooling and Heating Systems

Heaters and ACs take up a lot of consumed power. So, efficient use of both (heaters and air conditioning) will greatly reduce the amount of power you consume.

You should also have your heater and air conditioning professionally inspected if they are not performing optimally. This is because it might be consuming more power while offering less than it should. So, timely repairs and maintenance services are important.

Zoning the use of your heater and air conditioning is also advised. It ensures that you can independently regulate the temperature in various parts of the building. This means you can even stop heating rooms that are not occupied.

Proper Use of Water


Make sure you are not wasting water. This might require reducing the number of times you do laundry, investing in low-flow water fixtures, and repairing major and minor leaks. You should also limit your use of your water heater as much as possible.

Appliance Upgrade

New technologies do not only offer more interesting features. They are also designed to offer so much while they consume less power. You should explore newer technologies that offer energy efficiency in addition to their other features.

Explore Natural Lighting Options

Exploring the available natural lighting options will help you to further reduce your need for bulbs. So, work on the color of your room, the use of your windows, and the arrangement of your indoor space.


Getting the cheapest electricity prices is of utmost importance. For this reason, it is essential to identify electricity providers that can offer this. You should also know that there is more to finding the right electricity provider than going by their basic tariff.

Pay attention to other important things like their reputation and the experience of previous and existing customers. By taking note of all these, your chances of finding a cheap and reliable electricity provider are greatly increased.

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