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Before starting the construction you should measure the land area to prevent errors and losses down the road. The landscape shape can be trapezoidal, rectangular or have any other irregular shapes. As a result, you must be wondering how to accurately measure and calculate the irregular land area.

To properly determine the area of a piece of land, you will be required to accurately measure the dimension and shape of the can use an Surface Area Calculator an online source to find the area of a land. Formula of finding the area of a land depends on its shape. Like in rectangular shape, the land area formula will vary as compared to triangular one. Here are a few types of land area to be discussed. 

Rectangular or Square shaped Land:


Take a measuring tape to determine the length and width of the property if it is rectangular shaped property. Then apply this formula:

Area = Length × Width

Triangular Land:

You must measure the height which is the perpendicular distance from base to opposite vertex. And base which is length of one side if your land is of triangular shaped one. Then apply this formula to determine area:

Area = 0.5 × Base × Height

Consider an example of a triangle BDC

Let DC be 8 meter BC=7m BD=9m 

Formula of area of a scalene triangle is:

Area of a triangle= s(s-x)(s-y)(s-z)

s= semi-perimeter x= 1st side length, y= 2nd side length, z=3rd side length

Semi perimeter =(x+y+z)/2 =(8+7+9)=24/2=12m

Putting values in formula we get Area of triangle ABD=  26.83 m2

Irregular Land:


You have to use a polygonal approximation technique for the land that has an uneven structure. Make smaller and regular divisions of the land such as rectangles, triangles or trapezoids. Then determine the area of each one separately. To find the approximate total area for the irregular land, add the areas of these forms after measuring their sides and heights and you will get an area of irregular land. To simply calculate the surface area without calculation hassles use Surface Area Calculator

Ways on how to measure irregular land area:

You need to understand the shape of the land if it is square, rectangular or in an irregular shape. You can follow below steps to estimate irregular shape land:

Mark all the corner points of the land with rod or stick
Divide the land into two different triangles 
Take measurements of all the sides with one diagonal of that specific land
Note all the measurement and start working

Circular Land:


You have to figure out the radius, or the distance from the center to any point on the circumference, if the land is shaped like a circle then apply this formula

Area = π × radius^2

Take the pie value as 3.14159.

Land with complex shapes:

You can consider implementing sophisticated surveying methods or land surveying computer software for terrain with more complicated shapes. These techniques are capable of producing exact measurements and precise computations. Complex land areas can be calculated by Surface Area Calculator


To start calculating the area, it is important to measure your values precisely and collect them in the same units like feet or meters. Remember that inaccurate measurements could lead to incorrect outcomes. If land is divided into several sections with various shapes, you can calculate the area of each section independently. To know the overall size of property add the determined areas of each shape.

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