WEST 8 + PALO Arq win competition for Buenos Aires Riverfront Park

The jury announced WEST 8 + PALO arq as the winners of the competition for “Buenos Aires and River – Urban Coastal Public Park” in Argentina.

The city of Buenos Aires organized the competition in collaboration with the Central Society of Architects and was sponsored by the Argentine Federation of Architectural Entities.

Image © WEST 8 + PALO Arq

With the goal of connecting, activating, recovering, and educating, the winning proposal entitled ‘BA Rioparque’, presents a unique opportunity for the city to establish a direct connection with the river.

Showcasing a range of different ecosystems, the project focuses on revaluing existing features, reclaiming significant park relics, celebrating local biodiversity, and implementing ecological restoration initiatives.

Image © WEST 8 + PALO Arq

The proposal transforms an underutilized area into a space for relaxation, contemplation, and community engagement, making it a valuable addition to the city of Buenos Aires.

Praising the winning entry, the Jury stated that “once completed, [the excellent project] will create an exceptional urban park, a true arrival point to the river of great quality and use for the inhabitants of our city and neighboring areas”.

Image © WEST 8 + PALO Arq

In addition, highlighting both the unique analysis of the site and the “correct interpretation of the different areas that make up the ecosystem”.

The Jury celebrated the “interesting solution for the wetlands, with their rising and falling tides, in the central area of the park that are traversed by an elevated system and floating platforms allowing for a close-up view of the flora and fauna, mainly birds.

Image © WEST 8 + PALO Arq

In this sense, the project proposes a future vision of the park integrated into the territory with an approach to green and blue infrastructure”. The winning entry by WEST 8 + PALO arq proposes a green infrastructure park transitioning from the city to the river.

The park is defined by three main edge conditions: the canal, the floodplains, and the open river, which inform the park three main areas: The Meadow and the Garden of Relics, the Phyto-Remediation Archipelago, and the Southern Lookout. Source by WEST 8 + PALO Arq.

Image © WEST 8 + PALO Arq

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Architect: WEST 8 + PALO Arq

Mobility: MIC-HUB

Landscape and Ecology: MGF

Client: Buenos Aires City in collaboration with Central Society of Architects, and sponsored by the Argentine Federation of Architects (FADEA)

Year: 2023

Images: Courtesy of WEST 8

Image © WEST 8

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