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When running a business, you want both your employees and your customers to feel safe. Apart from ensuring their safety once they enter the building, though, you’ll need to think about ensuring it while they are still outside as well. To be more precise, you want people to feel safe on the parking lots of your commercial property as well.

Dark parking lots pose a great danger for your business, as explained here, and for anyone doing business with you. So, lighting them up is a must. Doing that is a sure path towards ensuring everyone’s safety and increasing the general security of your commercial property.

Have you recently been thinking about lighting up the parking lot, but you don’t really know how to have the right lights properly installed? It’s not surprising for people to be confused about this. Yet, giving up on the entire idea just because you still don’t have your facts straight isn’t exactly the best move. Meaning, of course, you’ll have to learn precisely how to have those perfect lights installed on your property and then finally set things in motion.

First, Why Do You Need Parking Lot Lights at All?


Before you get to the part of learning that, though, you probably first want to know why it is that you need parking lot lights in the first place. Sure, you understand that those generally improve everyone’s security, but you may not know just how beneficial they exactly are. Said differently, you may have an abstract idea of their importance, but you can’t quite put it into words.

Well, let me do that for you. Robbery, auto burglary and other types of similar criminal activities are usually done in dark places. Since criminals prefer dark places, you’ll deter them from your commercial property by installing lights in the parking lot. And, that’s undeniably quite a significant benefit you can get, as it will make everyone feel and be much safer around your property.

Furthermore, you can significantly decrease the number of personal injuries and car accidents that can happen in the parking lot. If people can’t see where they’re going and if the drivers’ visibility is diminished, it can lead to a lot of accidents, and you could even be held liable for those. Once you install the lights, though, everyone’s visibility will improve and thus reduce the number of accidents and injuries.

How to Get and Install Great Ones?


Now that you’ve, hopefully, figured out the importance of parking lot lights, you’ll want to have them installed as soon as possible. The thing is, though, you may not know how to do that the right way and thus get a great solution for your commercial property. Well, you’re here to learn and learn you will, because I’ll provide you with a list of important things to consider and do when trying to find the perfect option for you and have it properly installed.

Think About Your Lighting Needs

First and foremost, you’ll have to think about your actual lighting needs. Naturally, it is the size of the parking lot that will dictate those needs. If you can’t tell for yourself what the area requires, talking to professionals and letting them give you some recommendations on how much light you actually need will definitely be of help. The bottom line is that you shouldn’t just make random decisions before thinking about the specific area requirements.

Placement Matters


The placement of the lights also matter significantly. After all, you don’t want to wind up illuminating one area and doing nothing for the rest of the parking lot. You want the light to be evenly distributed everywhere, which is why you’ll have to carefully think about, or once again get professional recommendations on, where to have those installed. Proper placement is everything.

Height Matters

Did you know that the height also matters? Placing the poles to low will reduce the illuminating capacity of the lights. But then, there are also some legal restrictions as to the height of the poles. Keeping both of those things in mind will certainly help you decide on the right height and end up with a solution that will work best for you while being in accordance with the law. A win-win situation, as you may call it.

Go Solar


When deciding on the type of the parking lot lights, you may want to consider the solar option. It has become rather popular recently, and there are some great reasons for that. First of all, a big advantage lies in the fact that these can be installed pretty much anywhere, as they don’t have to be connected to the grid, meaning you won’t be restricted regardless of where your commercial property is located. You could even do this on a desert island if you wanted to, so to speak.

Furthermore, as there’s no electric wiring to be done, the installation process will be much quicker and easier. You can have the entire lighting project completed in a day or two after you find the right professionals to do it for you. Plus, these are pretty much maintenance free, so you won’t have to worry about those, which will also save you some money. And, speaking of saving money, thanks to the fact that these use the sun’s energy to operate, you will get to say goodbye to electricity bills, which is undeniably another huge benefit to consider. That all being said, I suppose you get why going solar could be the best thing for you.

Choose Your Installation Professionals Carefully

Another important thing to remember when you want the installation to be successfully done is that you’ll have to choose the right professionals to actually do it. Hiring the wrong companies for the job can lead to the project not being completed the right way, which could result in a lot of issues in the future. Thus, choosing the installation experts carefully is a must, and you should, among other things, aim at selecting highly trustworthy and reliable companies for this job.

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