No.1 Brighton by Plus Architecture

Strikingly sculptural and generous in form, 14 townhomes come together to create a tranquil haven in Brighton within Melbourne’s south-east suburbs. ⁠

Delicately crafted to appeal to the discerning bayside market, the architectural language redefines the corner with dynamic sweeping curves and robust, solid forms.

Image © Plus Architecture

Designed for upmarket appeal and enhanced accessibility, key features of these three bedroom residences include a basement level media room and wine cellar, kitchen with scullery, courtyard with electric BBQ, and an option for a lift to support ageing in place for an older market.

Oriented towards Hampton Street, the carved block-like forms of the facade create a sense of rhythm and identity, whilst enabling visual and acoustic privacy. A dramatic, double-height entry hood frames each front door; a statement piece that brings definition to individual residences.

Image © Plus Architecture

At the Centre Road interface, the townhomes present as two vertical rendered planes punctuated by steel, glazing and bluestone geometries, with an internal laneway running between, enabling light and life to penetrate.

Emerging from behind a carefully layered ‘fence’ combining landscaping, blockwork and metal screening, the design achieves a perfect balance of privacy and presence. Source by Plus Architecture.

Image © Plus Architecture

Location: Brighton , Victoria, Australia

Architect: Plus Architecture

Collaboration: Studio Tate

Client: Lechte

Height: 7 m, 3 Storeys

Gfa: 4,130 Sqm, Site 2,365 Sqm, 14 Townhouses

Year: 2023

Images: Mr P, Courtesy of Plus Architecture

Image © Plus Architecture

Image © Plus Architecture

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