SF Express Headquarters by gmp

The SF Express headquarters, designed by von Gerkan, Marg and Partners Architects (gmp) in 2015, was completed and started operations in Qianhai.

The office tower for the company headquarters of SF Express in Shenzhen, which is over 200 meters high, is composed of several vertical elements.

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They are staggered in such a way that glazed sky lounges are created in the upper stories, offering views across the Qianhai Bay and the Pearl River Delta.

The elegant appearance of the high-rise building is characterized by its facade structure, which consists of two-story high vertical louvers.

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The building benefits from natural ventilation through the perforated metal profiles of the double-skin facade, which are also used for a subtle back-lit illumination effect.

A bridge connects the tower to the neighboring high-rises, including the Qianhai Free Trade Tower, which was also designed by gmp.The high-density urban complex is complemented by green areas, creating an attractive urban site. Source by gmp.

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Location: Shenzhen, China

Architect: gmp

Design: Meinhard von Gerkan and Stephan Schütz

Competition Lead: Ralf Sieber

Competition Team: Jan Deml, Sebastian Pohle, Yang Linlin, Thilo Zehme

Detailed Design Lead: Andreas Brinkmann, Ralf Sieber

Detailed Design Team: Anna Bulanda-Jansen, Han Xiaolin, Annette Loeber, Luisa Manago, Andreas Maue, Thomas Muncke, Graviano Macarron Stamp, Thilo Zehme, Zhang Qiyi, Zhang Yingying

Project Management China: Xu Ji, Qin Wei

Client: SF Express Group Co., Ltd

GFA, total above ground: 75,830 m2

GFA, total below ground: 14,211 m2

Height: 211 m

Year: 2023

Photographs: CreatAR, Courtesy of gmp

Photo © CreatAR

Photo © CreatAR

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Photo © CreatAR

Ground Floor Plan


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