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Whether it’s cereal, a cat bowl or a milk bottle, sometimes spilled milk happens. It’s important that we don’t cry about it, though. Even if it’s on carpet! There are plenty of ways to remove milk smell and dried milk from carpets. So if you’ve got a dried milk stain or your little one has just launched their baby bottle into your living room–do not fret. With tips from the Carpet Team here’s everything you need to know about getting that smell out of the carpet and removing milk stains.

Removing milk stains

Step one: blot the milk stain with a cloth or paper towels

If you’ve left the milk or not noticed until it has dried, you should still blot the area using a cloth or paper towels. Make sure to use a clean, white absorbent cloth or absorbent paper towel and blot the area carefully. This will remove any organic moisture left behind.

Step two: remove any residue from the milk stains


Unfortunately, when left to dry, milk will harden. It will often clump together around the fibers of your carpet, which can result in the sour milk smell. To clean the milk stain properly, you will need to gently scrape the excess milk away. You can do this using a credit card, a blunt knife or something similar. Once done, you may want to use a dustpan and brush or a hoover to remove the milk.

Step three: clean using cold water and dish soap

Using water and gentle dish soap, dab the area gently. You may want to scrub, but this can damage the carpet, and as much as you want the milk stain and smell out of the carpet, you don’t want to damage it. Instead of scrubbing, gently rub the fabric using your paper towel or absorbent cloth. Be sure to cover all of the milk stain.

Step four: dry the area

You will need to dry the carpet once you’ve cleaned it. You can do this by air drying or by blasting it carefully with a hairdryer. If you can still see the milk stain, repeat the process.

Removing milk smell

Step one: blot with a paper towel or cloth


As with removing dried milk, if you’re hoping to remove milk smell from your carpet, you’ll first need to blot it with a paper towel and a dry cloth. Be gentle, but apply firm pressure to try and soak up anything possible. This will help to get the milk smell out of the carpet.

Step two: remove residue from the carpet

Carefully scrape the crusty dried milk from the fibres of your carpet. Spilt milk will dry and form little crusty bits, and these will cause the milk smells that you are trying to remove. Once out of the carpet, you should hoover or sweep them up.

Step three: wipe with a damp cloth

Using a damp cloth, gently wipe the area down. You can use mild dish soap here if you wish to. Be sure not to be too forceful.

Step four: dry the carpet


You should then leave the carpet to dry, or encourage it to dry using a hairdryer. Once dry, you can move onto the next step.

Step five: sprinkle baking soda

You should then sprinkle a fair amount of baking soda over the spilled milk stain. This will help to directly combat the milk smell without creating another strong smell.

Cleaning fresh milk

Step one: blot with paper towels

Be quick to act and blot the spilled milk with a paper towel. Apply plenty of pressure but do not rub, as you want to limit the size of the spilled milk. If your paper towel becomes saturated, reach for another.

Step two: spray the affected area with water and detergent

Using warm water and mild dish soap in a spray bottle, cover the area in the cleaning solution. You should make sure you cover everywhere the spilt milk is in order to properly get milk out of the carpet.

Step three: gently scrub the stain up and down

Using a damp cloth, carefully and gently rub the stain up and down. You shouldn’t use too much force or fiction, as this could damage the fibers of your carpet.

Step four: sprinkle baking soda on the area


As with before, sprinkle some baking soda on the area when you’re done to help combat the smell and dirt in the carpet.

Other tips and tricks

If the methods above do not seem to combat the milk smell, or you still have milk stains, try some of these tips and tricks from the Cleanup Team to remove milk stains and get milk smell out of and clean the carpet.

Use fresh unused coffee grounds instead of baking soda

While it is not advisable on white carpet, unused coffee grounds can return your fresh smelling carpet! Use them in place of baking soda to help reduce and remove the smell of milk.

Use vinegar and cold water instead of detergent

If you don’t want to use detergent, you can opt to use vinegar to get milk out of carpet. You might find that you’re then stuck with vinegar smell instead of milk, though, so you may still need to use baking soda to neutralise this!

If all else fails, professional carpet cleaning services are the way

If you’re really precious about your carpet, it was really expensive, or none of the above methods seem to help you get milk smell out, or cleaning milk stains hasn’t worked, then hire a professional carpet cleaning service. These people will know how to expertly tackle your milk spill without damaging your carpet in any way.

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