SpaceStation by Mobius Architects

The latest concept from Przemek Olczyk of Mobius Architects is a private residential complex shaped like a research station. The villa, along with its extensive recreational facilities, forms satellites arranged in a clear layout that simultaneously pays homage to the tradition of designing self-sufficient settlements.

The innovative project, named SpaceStation, will be situated on a 14-hectare site in southern Poland, with half of the land containing valuable old-growth parallel to the building area. True to Przemek Olczyk’s design philosophy, the buildings harmoniously coexist with the natural landscape.

Image © Mobius Architects

Therefore, single-story and two-story structures delve into the ground, ingeniously utilizing the minus-one level without protruding above the tree canopy. Flat, green roofs seamlessly blend the architecture with nature, respecting the environment. While embracing nature, Przemek Olczyk creates a clear contrast between the natural surroundings and the architecture, employing simple cylindrical and cuboid forms.

The structures form a coherent layout, all interconnected along a consistent axis, reminiscent of a space station with satellites aligned in its axis. The name of the project, SpaceStation, not only refers to its shape but also its function.

Image © Mobius Architects

Apart from being a living space, the residence will offer everything to enrich daily life and fulfill the residents’ needs. The investment will include areas for ecological plant cultivation, a meditation circle, a children’s play pavilion, a stable and paddock for horses, tennis courts, and a water pavilion.

The main rectangular building houses the residence and entertainment functions such as a bowling alley. From the “command center,” one can easily access thematic circles. Modern architecture, suspended walkways, and glass corridors evoke scenes from futuristic films.

Image © Mobius Architects

Olczyk simultaneously draws inspiration from the archetype of a settlement, where many separate units are connected, complementing each other for the community. SpaceStation is a blend of two seemingly conflicting worlds—an inherently primal aspect and a forward-looking perspective.

It represents a contemporary family dwelling immersed in a dense forest, aspiring to be entirely self-sufficient. With photovoltaic panels integrated into the façade, the buildings will accumulate and save energy. A private plantation ensures healthy food production. The diversity of functions allows for the comprehensive organization of life for even a small community. Source by Mobius Architects.

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