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Basements are one form of foundation for a household that can readily flood in heavy rainfall. Pennsylvania typically receives above-average rainfall each year, which can devastate homes with basements if the space doesn’t receive waterproofing.

 While flooding is a worst-case scenario, moisture and dampness are common and can result in major issues. That will mean reaching out to the proper professional for Basement Waterproofing York as a homeowner for preventive measures to lessen the risk. 

Homeowners can take part in DIY waterproofing efforts, but enlisting a professional is wise for the training, expertise, skill set, and specialized tools and equipment to ensure the work is performed correctly the first time. Hence, it’s effective from the start with minimal possibility of coming back for reapplication. 

When the experts use professional-grade materials and solutions for your project, not only will the investment be worthwhile, but you’ll see a return with its efficiency, longevity, and the increase in your property value. 

What Are the Benefits of Waterproofing a Basement 


Homes in cooler climates like Pennsylvania have basements that form their foundation. These spaces pose a threat of water damage for numerous reasons, including:  

High groundwater 
Leaking wells/windows 
Poor plumbing 
Sewer backups 

With preventive measures like hiring waterproofing experts, you can protect the space from dampness and moisture and, worst case scenario, flooding.  

Those in the industry have adequate training and expertise to perform the waterproofing along with the proper skill set and specialized tools and equipment to avoid the need for repairs or reapplication down the road. 

Learn solutions for basement waterproofing and follow here for the benefits possible with basement waterproofing. 

Living space 


The basement can potentially be used as an added living space for houses. Unfortunately, many homeowners are unable to expand into this area since the area constantly holds moisture. This can leave the area with a musty, foul odor and the potential for mold growth. 

When reaching out to waterproofing professionals, the basement can become a dry, safe environment that can then be used to expand the home’s square footage.

Whether you choose to build a home office, gym, family room, or an extra bedroom suite, it not only offers you more space but adds to the property value if you decide to sell.

Allows structural integrity  

Leaking wells or windows and broken plumbing components can sometimes be neglected with the notion these are minor issues to contend with compared to other household maintenance. 

In fact, these can result in considerable damage when ignored, including affecting the structural integrity, like creating cracks in the foundation or basement walls. These aren’t always readily noticeable until damage has occurred. Once the space is waterproofed, you can rest assured the basement will be protected from peril. 

Flood preventive 


With heavy episodes of rainfall in Pennsylvania, the threat of a flooding basement is always a worry for homeowners. However, severe bouts of rain are only one cause of a basement flood. You can also experience a sewage backup, high groundwater seeping through floor cracks, and other possibilities. 

The dangers in these situations include the potential for electrocution when trying to clear the water from the space. When professionals waterproof the foundation, you’ll have no worry about cracks that allow seepage into the basement. 

These experts will incorporate reliable drainage and an efficient sump pump so the water can follow the proper channels as it flows without landing in the basement. 

If you’re using your York basement as living space and it’s not waterproofed, it’s vital to reach out to professionals to have the work done to avoid having your personal effects lost to flooding. Go here to learn how waterproofing works and what it costs. 

Energy efficiency

A humid basement can cause higher utility costs. The HVAC system will have difficulty removing the humidity from the air when it transfers to other areas throughout the house. 

That means the system must work harder to keep the home cool or warm. Not only does that mean energy costs will rise, but the HVAC components will wear sooner, leaving the system prone to premature replacement. Waterproofing keeps the room dry and safe and helps with energy efficiency. 

It can, in turn, help reduce your utility costs and keep your HVAC system running efficiently and effectively for a longer lifespan.  

Health and safety 


It’s suggested that water damage in the home can lead to mold and mildew. Mold thrives in moist, dark, cool environments, making the basement an ideal atmosphere for the fungi. 

Moisture only needs to be present for roughly 48 hours before mold begins to develop, leaving occupants at risk for health and safety concerns. That’s especially true for individuals predisposed to allergies, asthma, or other respiratory conditions. 

If the space has been damp for some time or you’ve noticed pools of water on the floor, it’s wise to have the room checked for mold before having the waterproofing professionals perform their work. It might be necessary to take remediation steps to make the space safe. 

After this step, the waterproofing experts will ensure there’s no longer a possibility for moisture or pooling to develop in the environment. 

Mold and mildew will no longer be a threat, allowing you and your family to live healthy, safe, and comfortably, with these fungi no longer capable of contributing to respiratory distress. 

Final Thought 

Basement water damage is a common cause of concern for homeowners everywhere, but it’s more so in areas like York, Pennsylvania, where heavy rainfall is a regular consideration. Unfortunately, rainfall is only one issue homeowners need to think about with basements. 

High groundwater, broken plumbing, and other issues can wreak havoc in the space. Instead of constantly worrying about moisture, dampness, or, worst of all, a full-fledged flood, it’s essential to consider waterproofing your basement. 

Reaching out for a trained expert with a strong skill set who works with the latest technology, tools, and equipment to ensure a high-quality job with no need for repairs or reapplication will give you peace of mind that you’re protected from any potential peril.

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