KJ Plein by Powerhouse Company break ground

Our competition-winning design will bring life to The Hague’s Koningin Juliana Square with a warm and welcoming new station hall and residential building.

KJ Plein will consist of an entrance hall for the main railway station, and a tower for housing as a symbolic gateway to the city itself.

Image © Powerhouse Company

“The monumental façade, reflecting the stately architecture of The Hague, is energized by the fluid station hall on the ground floor – a captivating introduction to the city,” – Paul Stavert, Partner Architect

Our design for KJ Plein – presented with DELVA Landscape Architects and developers Amvest and Synchroon – won the competition by doing far more than simply providing great places to live.

Image © Powerhouse Company

On an urban level, the architecture, consisting of two towers linked by a ‘valley’, makes a powerful yet polished statement that acts as a unifying element in a disjointed architectural landscape.

The ground floor, with its organic forms and natural materials, enriches public space by becoming a welcoming new entrance hall for the station behind it – and for the city itself.

Image © Powerhouse Company

Meanwhile the square outside is transformed by the addition of greenery, a restaurant pavilion, and a fluid transition to Koekamp Park.

With its fluted, rectilinear columns in lightweight concrete, the facades of our building’s towers echo the formal classicism seen in The Hague’s administrative architecture.

Image © Powerhouse Company

On the ground floor, the dynamic station hall presents a bold contrast, with a sinuous wood ceiling and expanses of curved glass. Above the entrance, the apartments’ glass loggias present a streamlined finish, broken by compact protruding balconies that give a human touch.

The curved elements of the hall are reflected in the staggered, U-shaped silhouette of the central valley section, with its tumbling green spaces. Source by Powerhouse Company.

Image © Powerhouse Company

Location: The Hague, Netherlands

Architect: Powerhouse Company

Partners in charge: Nanne de Ru, Paul Stavert

Project team: Angelo Haemers, Niels Baljet, Giovanni Coni, Kevin Snel, Maarten Diederix, Koen van den Dungen, Michael Schuurman, Boris Kozlowski, Michiel Bosch, Rick de Lange, Giulia de Mauro

Landscape architect: DELVA Landscape Architects

Structural engineer: IMD Raadgevende Ingenieurs

MEP consultant: Nelissen Ingenieursbureau, Techniplan Adviseurs

Sustainability consultant: Metabolic

Contractor: J.P. van Eesteren

Client: Synchroon, Amvest

Size: 48 000 m2

Year: 2023

Images: Zes X Zes, Mir, Courtesy of Powerhouse Company

Image © Powerhouse Company

Image © Powerhouse Company

Image © Powerhouse Company

Image © Powerhouse Company

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