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Removing trees in Pennsylvania can enhance the aesthetics and open up space in your yard for other plants, as well as be necessary if they become unhealthy, damaged, or are near structures such as houses or power lines.

Tree removal service, even if done by the pros at Advanced Tree Care, is not always straightforward; tree specialists like them must consider many factors before cutting down a tree and consider its consequences when doing so, so read on to learn more about what you can expect.

Climbing the Tree


Trees should only be removed when they become dead or dying, threatening climbers’ safety, or in unsafe locations that pose risks for climbers. Regular tree maintenance and trimming can prevent trees from becoming health and safety risks. If you notice dead or decaying trees nearby, reach out to a specialist as soon as possible to inspect and possibly remove them to minimize potential damages that a falling tree could cause to your property or neighboring trees.

Time and labor-intensive removal techniques such as this one may take more time and labor, but it can still be effective. They’re particularly useful in tight spaces like small yards or near buildings; also useful when dealing with power lines where cutting them down could prove hazardous.

Trees that grow in tight spaces must be felled piecemeal to be safely felled as their branches must first be pruned off while climbing up to their trunk, followed by trunk section cutting for use by crane. Once cut into sections they can then be safely lowered down to the ground by crane for removal by professionals – also providing them with access to safely lower the sections over obstacles and buildings before their eventual landing at ground level.

Using a Crane

Professional arborists like Advanced Tree Care are always engaged for removal work involving tall or large trees or those situated in hard to access locations, such as backyards or alleyways between buildings, building setback areas or tight backyards with limited access. Tight spaces like backyards can present additional difficulties because crews must access equipment, so contact them today to find out more.

Cranes can often be utilized in these circumstances to assist with falling trees in sections safely, rapidly, and with minimal impact to surrounding landscaping than traditional methods that entail setting rigging cables and climbing trees. This option can often be less expensive than other tree services, though you’ll require sufficient room to accommodate its use.

Cutting the Trunk

Removal specialists begin their job by inspecting the tree, taking note of its height, and devising a plan. If there is enough space, tree felling specialists may cut its trunk at its central point before feeling it in one go; otherwise they must cut it in sections due to space limitations in most urban homes. They must also clear away obstacles like power lines, roofs or window AC units in their path that might impede an imminent collapse from occurring; all before cutting.

Even if a tree is healthy, this site suggests that one that produces excessive debris or roots that damage lawns and sidewalks should probably be removed for safety. The same holds true if it is vulnerable to storm damage, pest infestation, disease or growing in an inappropriate location (for instance near water sources or slopes).

Some locations have specific rules regarding when and how you can remove trees, so it is wise to familiarize yourself with local regulations before beginning this task. For instance, in order to cut down trees that are located on public property or near power lines you might require a permit from local authorities, but some also ban the removal of trees solely for cosmetic reasons.


Keep in mind that conserving trees on your property should be top priority and regularly monitoring for signs of damage or disease will save money in the long run, and reduce tree removal services costs in future. Complete tree removal should only be considered in cases of unhealthy, dying or structurally unsound trees that present serious threats to nearby people or properties.

To cut a trunk, the person first creates an “undercut”, sawing upwards approximately 1/5th of the way through each branch’s base. Next, they cut downwards until reaching 6-12 inches further up from where their undercut was made so as to better control how far the branch falls. This method ensures safe branch drops.

Once they’ve created a notch, tree crews use rope slings attached to a branch or section of trunk they want to cut down, using tensioned cable lines to pull it down on a rope sling. Repeating this process for any additional branches that must be cut down while taking care to ensure their fall won’t damage nearby structures, this process continues until all necessary branches have been cut down.

Professional tree services will have all of the equipment and expertise necessary to safely remove trees from tight spaces like between buildings or in tight spots, such as between trees. When they take care of the issue for you, you can ensure the problem won’t recur or persist.

Have you seen videos on YouTube showing people trying to remove trees on their own? Removal without help from Advanced Tree Care can be an extremely dangerous and complex task that requires special tools and professional experience for success. Without the appropriate knowledge and training, removal could cause injury and property damage – especially without professional tools such as pruning saws!

In some instances, stumps may be removed by your local city council. However, just to be safe, most people recommend going the private company route as they are able to get the job done quickly, safely, and cost-effectively. It’s also important to consider all of your options, carefully, as these types of projects tend to get quite pricey, quite quickly – if not properly cared for by the correct people.

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