High Meadow Ranch by Richard Beard Architects

Designed as a study of rural “right size” design, High Meadow Ranch is conceived as a home for two which can expand to host an extended family, threaded into a crest of the Santa Lucia range.

The remote site offers panoramic views and a focal point in the middle of a sloping knoll but is bifurcated by a “No Vertical Zone”.

Image © Richard Beard Architects

Marrying the program, including a Barn and Guest Cottage, with the terrain required a thoughtful approach to the sensitive habitat.

Working with the contours, the main home is composed of three gabled forms that bridge the knoll top and the meadow below, promoting a comfortable connection to the land.

Image © Richard Beard Architects

The distinct volumes ensure separation between uses and the perceived size of the house expands or contracts depending on its occupants.

The outbuildings become separate destinations, situated to minimize site disturbance and activate diverse vegetation and landforms.

Image © Richard Beard Architects

Leveraging the site’s microclimate, the Great Room is conceptualized as a screened porch, offering residents the ability to open and conceal the glazing system entirely.

This functional shift heightens awareness of the daily and seasonal rhythms of the site, while providing shelter. The gabled ends provide broad covered outdoor spaces, complimented by terraces in the knoll and meadow that complete the cardinal range of outdoor living.

Image © Richard Beard Architects

A limited palette of natural, durable materials draws from historic ranch structures of the area, curated to age gracefully on the site.

Refined details punctuate the material expression, bringing their richness into quiet focus. Source by Richard Beard Architects.

Image © Richard Beard Architects

Location: Carmel Valley, California, USA

Architect: Richard Beard Architects

Design Team: Brett Moyer, Rebecca Lischwe, Daniel Widlowski

Interior Design: Studio Collins Weir

Contractor: Stocker & Allaire General Contractors

Landscape: Arterra Landscape Architects

Civil: Whitson Engineers

Structural: Strandberg Engineering

MEP: Axiom Engineers

Lighting: Tucci Lighting

Year: 2023

Images: Richard Beard Architects, Cameron MacAllister Group

Image © Richard Beard Architects

Image © Richard Beard Architects

Image © Richard Beard Architects

Image © Richard Beard Architects

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