Industrial and Creative Centre by 10 Design

The Industrial and Creative Centre is set to stimulate future thinking by providing incubator office space for innovative companies in Zhuhai, China.

The 346,335sqm project is a mixture of headquarter office buildings, flexible office space, serviced apartments, and small incubator office pavilions.

Photo © Seilao Jiong

The design is inspired by the idea of FUSION, the merging of different elements into a union while simultaneously creating high amounts of energy.

The idea of FUSION is architecturally expressed by a protective canopy, starting at the ‘Active House’ at the eastern corner of the site and connecting all major buildings in a U-shaped form to the south-west entrance plaza.

Photo © Seilao Jiong

The canopy also mediates and blurs the higher towers surrounding the outer edges of the site and the lower garden-offices at the heart of the development. The two iconic gateway towers emerge out of the connecting canopy at the arrival plaza to the east and are slightly rotated against each other to form the main entry into the development.

The central arrival area is between the gateway towers under the connecting canopy; and the position of the towers towards each other symbolises constant dialogues, collaboration and synergies within the campus.

Photo © Seilao Jiong

Here, the FUSION concept is symbolised through the dynamic proximity and interaction of two elements and is further continued in the façade treatment with clear simple glazing at the lower part towards the entry plaza and sun-shaded vertically accentuated main tower façade above.

The same idea of fusion is continued on the facades of the simpler for lease office towers through a horizontal pattern that structures the façade. The materials and colours change from one side to another to express the merging and exchange of ideas. Source by 10 Design.

Photo © Seilao Jiong

Location: Zhuhai, China

Architect: 10 Design

Design Principal: Ted Givens

Project Principal: Miriam Auyeung (Chief Operating Officer)

Project Team: Peby Pratama, Ren Wen, Jenny Po, Han Tang, Hoey Yip, Suchart Ouy, Mujung Kang, David Chan

Local Architect: Huafa Architectural Design Consultancy Ltd.

Client: Huafa Group

Site Area: 74,475sqm

GFA: 346,335sqm

Status: Built 2023

Photographs: Seilao Jiong, Courtesy of 10 Design

Photo © Seilao Jiong

Photo © Seilao Jiong

Photo © Seilao Jiong

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