UNStudio win competition for Namildae Resort in Sacheon

At a recent project-briefing session, the Sacheon developer Teoroo Co., Ltd and Sacheon City Council announced that UNStudio’s design proposal has been named as the outright winner in the international competition for the Namildae Resort in South Korea.

UNStudio’s eco-friendly design proposal responds to the topography around Namildae Beach and merges into the surrounding natural environment to create a luxury resort that comprises hotels, condominiums, villas and ancillary facilities.

Image © UNStudio

UNStudio’s design proposal was recently presented at a project briefing session attended by the Chairman of TEOROO, the Mayor of Sacheon City and other senior officials who unanimously agreed that Namildae Resort will bring a new dynamic and distinct kind of tourism to Sacheon. The project will also be of great significance for the revitalisation of the tourism industry in the city.

“We will spare no effort in creating a world-class hotel and resort that is unique in Korea, based on UNStudio’s proposal” said Woo Hee-myung, chairman of TEOROO during the meeting, “We are therefore expecting strong support from the Sacheon City Council.”

Image © UNStudio

In response, Park Dong-sik, Mayor of Sacheon City responded: “We expect to see this future-proof design still functioning as an exemplary reference in 2030″ and promised, “We will give our full support to the construction of the best landmark hotel and resort in Sacheon.”

Ben van Berkel, Founder and Principal Architect, UNStudio, “We are delighted and honoured that our proposal has been selected for an identity-forming and vibrant resort on South Korea’s southern coastline. Our eco-friendly design will not only have a sustainable impact on the environment and the economy, it will also enhance quality of life in the area by bringing new experiences for the well-being of local residents and visitors.“

Teoroo Co. meeting

Hannes Pfau, Partner and Managing Director, UNStudio Asia, “We are extremely grateful for TEOROO’s and Sacheon City’s support of our proposal, a cascading architectural landscape that integrates the coastline with the surrounding mountains for a one-of-a-kind destination.

The design introduces a new type of nature-oriented luxury experience that complements the truly awe-inspiring site.” The Namildae Resort is expected to be completed in 2028. Source and images Courtesy of UNStudio.

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