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India is building at a frenetic pace – new airports, smarter cities, industrial corridors, and highways. And fueling this infrastructure boom are some of the country’s leading cement majors operating out of their ultra-modern plants. From the mammoth concrete structures dotting our metro skies to the humble brick homes in rural India, these best cement companies are literally providing the foundation for the country’s growth story, one bag of cement at a time.

This blog analyses the top cement companies in India powering the nation’s growth story.

1. UltraTech Cement


With a market share of over 21%, UltraTech is one of the top cement companies in India. This Mumbai-headquartered company operates 20 integrated manufacturing plants and over two dozen grinding units nationwide. Employing over 120,000 people, UltraTech has the widest national presence through its bulk packaging terminals and ready-mix concrete plants located in proximity to major markets. 

2. Ambuja Cements  


The second spot is occupied by Ambuja Cements, now a part of the global conglomerate Holcim. Ambuja Cements enjoys a 6.2% share in the domestic cement market with five modern plants and eight grinding units. Headquartered in Mumbai, Ambuja manufactures around 27 million tonnes of cement annually. 

3. ACC Limited


ACC Limited was established in 1936 as a pioneer cement brand in India. Now owned by Holcim, it retains a 6% market share with an annual capacity of 35 million tonnes spread across 17 plants. Employing over 6,700 people across India, ACC has 75 ready-mix concrete facilities located in major towns and cities to ensure faster delivery.

4. Shree Cement


With a name synonymous with quality and reliability, Shree Cement continues its impressive run in India’s infrastructure growth story. Headquartered in Kolkata, the company recorded revenues of ₹12,555 crore last fiscal aided by an installed cement capacity of 43 million tonnes per year. Shree Cement is investing in solar and wind projects besides waste heat recovery systems to minimize its carbon footprint. 

5. Nuvoco Vistas Corporation Limited (Nuvoco) 


With a history spanning a decade, Nuvoco Vistas Corporation Limited (Nuvoco) endorses over 9 brands under the Cement, Ready-Mix Concrete, and MBM categories across the country today. This fifth largest cement group employs cutting-edge German technology to manufacture superior-quality cement used in major infrastructure projects.

6. Birla Corporation


The MP Birla Group has been a trusted name in the cement trade for over 100 years now. Birla Corporation Limited currently operates 10 plants that manufacture a range of quality cement grades. Strategic expansions have helped Birla Corp clock revenues exceeding ₹6,700 crore last year. Birla Corporation plans to enhance its annual cement production volumes to 20 million tonnes over the next 2-3 years to make the most of the flourishing real estate sector.

7. India Cements 


From being a regional player in South India during pre-Independence days, India Cements has gradually transformed into a prominent national cement brand. The company operates eight modern cement plants spread across different states in India, besides two grinding units.

8. Dalmia Cements


Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Ltd. (DCBL) is among the top 10 cement companies in India, with a current market share of 5.23%. Founded in 1939 by Jaidayal Dalmia and now headed by CEO Mahendra Singhi, DCBL has its headquarters in New Delhi. With a production capacity of 28.5 million TPA, it is India’s largest producer of slag cement and the biggest manufacturer of specialty cement used in oilwells, airstrips, and railway sleepers.

9. Orient Cement 


Incorporated in 1979, Orient Cement began commercial production at its first plant in Telangana in 1982. Currently enjoying a 1.6% domestic market share, Orient Cement operates highly efficient plants that employ the latest automation to ensure minimal emissions. As a leading innovator in the industry, the company manufactures 53 and 43 43-grade ordinary Portland Cement along with a specialized product called Orient Gold that has defined new quality benchmarks.  

10. Heidelberg Cement India


Heidelberg Cement entered the Indian market 15 years ago by acquiring Mysore Cements. Currently employing around 1,100 people, the company operates modern cement plants across central and southern India, as well as multiple grinding units to extend its market reach.  


The top 10 cement companies outlined above collectively account for close to 70% of total installed capacity. As construction and infrastructure development gather further steam, these players are implementing expansion plans while ensuring sustainability through reduced emissions. With cutting-edge R&D facilities and extensive marketing networks, India’s leading cement brands are geared to cater to the building ambitions of an aspirational nation.

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