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If you are an Orlando resident, you are probably familiar with the annoying and potentially damaging vibrations from washing machines. These vibrations not only create a horrifying racket but can also produce unwelcome damage to both the appliance and your floor. But don’t worry! An FL Orlando Handyman shares some simple measures to reduce those laundry day vibrations in your home.

Balance Your Washing Machine


The first and simplest step is to check if your washing machine is level. Uneven balance could result in wobbly operations, causing vibrations. Most washing machines have adjustable feet at their base. Using a level tool or a smartphone application, ensure the machine’s position is balanced on all sides.

Invest in Anti-Vibration Pads

Anti-vibration pads can serve as an effective solution for unsteady washing machines. These thick, durable pads provide a cushion underneath each corner of your machine, dramatically reducing the vibrations. Installation of these pads is a breeze, and they are an affordable solution to make your laundry station a lot quieter.

Utilize an Anti-Vibration Mat


Another possible investment to eliminate washing machine vibrations is an anti-vibration mat. This thicker mat absorbs vibration and reduces noise on a larger scale than the smaller pads. Measure your machine to ensure you get the right size mat that fits underneath it.

Load Your Washing Machine Properly

One of the primary reasons for a shaking washing machine is placing the laundry incorrectly. Ensure the clothes are distributed evenly within the drum before starting a wash cycle. Both overloading and under-loading can cause your machine to shake more than it should. If possible, try sticking to the manufacturer’s load guidelines for optimal performance.

Maintain Regularly


Like any other household appliance, your washing machine benefits from regular upkeep. Routinely check for any minor issues before they escalate and pose significant problems. Keep the drum and filters clean and secure the machine hoses and connections. If you are uncomfortable performing these checks, hire a professional handyman.

Consider a Laundry Pedestal

A laundry pedestal can also be a worthy addition to your laundry station. Besides reducing vibrations, pedestals can ease the strain on your back by bringing your appliance to a comfortable height. They even provide practical storage spaces to organize your laundry products.

Install New Shock Absorbers or Suspension Springs


If your washing machine seems to be dancing around the room despite taking the abovementioned steps, it may be time to consider replacing its shock absorbers or suspension springs. These integral components keep the vibrations in check but can wear out over time. You will generally need professional assistance to replace these parts, so enlist a handyman

Wrapping Up

Why not try these methods before you decide to replace your vibrating washing machine? They are cost-efficient, relatively straightforward to implement, and can significantly increase the lifespan of your washing machine while offering you an almost seismic-free laundry day.

So, don’t let the laundry day become a noisy nightmare. A little attention to this household workhorse can make it smoother, quieter, and more efficient and keep vibrations at bay. 

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