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Building a deck is no longer a complicated process due to technological advancements. Traditionally, decks are made from wood that may have rotting and splintering issues. Moreover, constructors need to use different tools to fit different components of the wooden deck. However, a deck framing system has become a more sustainable and longer-lasting solution. Metal decks are better than wooden versions.

What are the various parts of a deck framing system? 


A deck frame comprises a number of elements, such as

Joists – These framing components are horizontal and span from the ledger board to the beam. The best deck framing systems have aluminum joists suitable for different deck heights.
Beams – Diagonal or horizontal beams hold the joists and move the load to piers. The joists and beams remain perpendicular to each other.
Piers – These vertical components bear the beams’ weight, which is transferred to the ground. You need to set them into concrete for better stability.
Ledger board – It is another essential component known for creating proper structural integrity at one side of your deck.
Footings – Footings remain buried to maintain stability.

Why are deck framing systems highly popular?


Deck framing systems are advantageous for several reasons.

Easily installable

Modular decking frames are pre-designed frames that comprise railings, decking boards, panels, connectors, and joists. These components will fit together and ensure an effortless installation. So, you can buy ready-made kits to choose components for decks. It is easy to assemble those components in a proper configuration.

Design flexibility

There are several design options for modular deck framing systems. They are innovative systems, which allow modifications and customizations. The biggest advantage is that upgrades are easily removable depending on your needs. You can select the shapes and sizes of the decking components.

Low-maintenance, durable decking systems


The deck framing systems are made from quality materials, which are resistant to bugs and rot. As they do not need high maintenance, you will save costs. What’s more, installing the deck framing system is very easy and does not need much labor. So, it is the most affordable solution for homeowners, who want to install a deck in their properties. Adding a metal deck allows you to increase the overall value of the property.

Eco-friendly option for decking

Most homeowners nowadays are searching for eco-friendly solutions since they are aware of the consequences on the environment. Building a deck using an environmentally friendly structural system is the best choice. Premium modular decking solutions have a lower carbon footprint since they are constructed of sustainable and recyclable materials.

Buy the most innovative deck framing systems

Qwickbuild Deck Frames are highly advantageous as they allow you to install the decks using minimal tools. It is easy to assemble the parts regardless of your skill level. The frames are made from aluminum that makes the system corrosion-resistant. The moisture-proof, lightweight frames will give you a lasting value. Streamlined construction and simple instructions eliminate the need for hiring professionals. Still, if you feel confused, you can speak to experts.

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