Nera by Plus Architecture

A symbol of evolved luxury and sophistication. Nera draws inspiration from the subtle rhythms of nature that surround it. Its architectural form was carefully designed to not only be visually striking but also to reflect these natural patterns.

Danny Juric, Director of Plus Architecture, describes Nera as, “Beautiful, elegant, and strong, with a unique presence.” Our goal from the outset was to create a building that breaks away from traditional Gold Coast living.

Image © Plus Architecture

Every apartment on every floor offers captivating views, and the development features a range of amenities, including a large resort-style pool and a rooftop terrace with stunning ocean views. A wellness centre on the lower level, complete with a gym, sauna, and yoga deck surrounded by greenery, complements these spaces.

Alex Wood, a developer at Bastion, sees Nera as more than just a residential project. He says, “Nera is a symbol of evolving luxury and sophistication, reflecting the changing preferences of those seeking premium living spaces and a community that values life’s finer aspects.” Nera promises to be a lasting sanctuary for its residents to enjoy for many years to come.

Image © Plus Architecture

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Image © Plus Architecture

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Image © Plus Architecture

Location: Chevron Island, Australia

Architect: Plus Architecture

Client: Bastiontype

Gfa: 10,772 Sqm, Site 1,011 Sqm, 87 Apartments

Cost: $130 M

Images: Ryan Panizzon, Courtesy of Plus Architecture

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