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Is your garage becoming an unusable furnace in the summer and an icebox in the winter? If you’re tired of these temperature extremes and want to reclaim your garage as a workshop, home gym, or just a more comfortable storage space, then a mini split AC for garage could be the perfect solution! These ductless air conditioners offer a cool and efficient way to transform your garage into a comfortable year-round space.

What is a Mini Split and Why is it Great for Garages?

A mini split system for garage provides a sleek and efficient cooling solution. Unlike traditional air conditioners that rely on bulky ductwork to circulate air, mini split systems consist of two main parts: a compact indoor unit mounted on your garage wall and a discreet outdoor unit that sits outside. This eliminates the need for extensive ductwork installation. You can thus save both time and money.

Benefits Of Mini splits on Garages


Before you install an AC, consider mini splits for your garage. They’re innovative, efficient, and can make your garage comfy all year. Learn about their benefits and how they can improve your space.

1. No ducts needed

Traditional air conditioners use lots of tubes (ducts) to spread cool air around. These can be messy and expensive to install, and they can even leak cool air, wasting energy. mini split AC units are a newer, simpler way to cool your garage. 

Mini split in garage only have two parts: a small unit on your garage wall and another unit outside. This makes them easier and cheaper to install and they don’t waste any cool air.

2. Energy savers


A mini split unit for garage not only saves you money and time during installation but also keeps your wallet happy in the long run. These units get a high score (SEER) for how well they turn electricity into cool air, meaning they use less energy and cost you less on your electricity bill. They’re also kind to the environment, making them a good choice for both your wallet and the planet.

3. Quiet

Unlike noisy window AC units, mini splits are super quiet, making your garage a more peaceful place. This is thanks to fancy technology and a clever design. The special fans in these units don’t make much noise, and the loud part is located outside your garage, keeping things nice and quiet inside.

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Picking the Right Size Mini Split for Your Garage


A Mini split AC for garage comes in different sizes measured in BTUs (British Thermal Units). The bigger your garage, the more BTUs you’ll need. Here’s a basic idea:

1-car garage: Around 9,000 BTUs

2-car garage: Around 12,000 BTUs

Larger garages: 18,000 BTUs or even higher

But remember, the total square footage of the space matters a lot too, so it’s good to get advice from a pro to be sure.

Look for the SEER Rating for Energy Efficiency

Picking a mini split with a high SEER rating is like choosing a car with good gas mileage. SEER means Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The higher the SEER number (try for 20 or higher), the less energy your AC uses to cool your garage. This means lower electricity bills for you and less harm to the environment. Both the environment and your pocketbook will benefit!

Mini Splits: Not Just for Cooling


Don’t be fooled by the name mini split AC! Many of these units are actually a mini split garage heater too, acting like a superhero with both cooling and heating powers. This means you can enjoy a comfortable garage year-round, whether you’re escaping the summer heat or keeping the winter chill at bay.

If you plan on using your mini split for garage workshop in both hot and cold seasons, look for the HSPF rating when choosing your system. Just like the SEER rating tells you how efficient the unit is at cooling, the HSPF rating tells you how efficient it is at heating, ensuring you stay warm and cozy without breaking the bank.

So, whether you’re turning your garage into a workshop, a home gym, or just a more comfortable storage space, a garage mini split system can be your one-stop solution for year-round climate control.

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Got questions about mini split AC units in your garage? We’ve got answers!

How much will it cost to install a mini split in my garage?


Bringing comfort to your garage with a mini split AC typically costs between $1,500 and $4,000, depending on some key factors. Just like a car’s engine size, the unit’s size (measured in BTUs) impacts the installation cost, with larger units being more expensive. The complexity of the job also plays a role. This includes the distance between the indoor and outdoor units, any required electrical work, and any unique challenges your specific garage layout might present. 

Finally, labor costs can vary depending on your location and the installer’s experience. To get the most accurate estimate for your specific situation, it’s always recommended to get quotes from several qualified installers. They can assess your garage and provide a tailored price based on your needs and the intricacies of your space.

What size mini split do I need for my garage in general?

It’s like choosing clothes for different body types. Most garages do well with mini splits between 9,000 and 18,000 BTUs (cooling power units). Factors like insulation, climate, and desired temperature can affect the size you need. To be sure, consult a professional installer who can recommend the best size for your garage.

What size mini split is suitable for my 24×24 foot garage?


This is like picking clothes for a specific occasion. For your 24 by 24 foot garage, a 12,000 BTU mini split could be a good start. But the best size depends on factors like insulation and desired temperature. To get the perfect fit, ask a professional installer. They’ll consider your garage’s layout, and climate, and recommend the ideal size.

Do mini splits make noise?

While not silent, mini splits are much quieter than window AC units. They won’t disrupt your peace and quiet in the garage.

Do I need to maintain my mini split?


Think of it like your car – regular maintenance is key! Clean the filters regularly and get a professional check-up once in a while to keep it running smoothly.

How long does a mini split last?

With proper care, your mini split can keep your garage comfortable for 10-15 years, or even longer, just like a reliable car!

To Sum Up

Say goodbye to sweltering summers and freezing winters in your garage! A mini split AC for garage provides a simple and efficient solution. These sleek systems eliminate bulky ducts and operate quietly, turning your garage into a comfortable space for workshops, gyms, or even just storage. Upgrade to a mini split AC and enjoy your garage all year round!

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