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As a proud Toyota Tundra owner, you know that your truck is ideal for both work and play. However, transporting your gear on the roof can be challenging without the right accessories. 

A heavy-duty, secure roof rack is essential to properly carry items without damaging your Tundra. 

When choosing a roof rack system for your Tundra, durability and carrying capacity are essential. You want a rack that can safely transport your equipment during off-roading adventures or long road trips.

This article discusses the key features, weight capacities, and warranty details for your Toyota Tundra’s four excellent roof rack options. 

1. Toyota Tundra CrewMax (2007-2021) Slimline II Roof Rack Kit


Having the perfect roof rack for your Toyota Tundra Crewmax would be best. Accordingly, you should consider the Toyota Tundra Crewmax Slimline II Roof Rack Kit by Front Runner. 

Priced at $1,469, this Toyota Tundra roof rack kit contains everything you need for your truck’s secure and stylish cargo capacity.

The kit includes the Slimline II cargo tray, wind deflector, and two low-profile foot rails to mount the tray to your Tundra CrewMax. Installation requires drilling, but Front Runner provides instructions to walk you through the process.

With a tray length of 1560mm/61.4″, this full-size rack maximizes your Toyota’s cargo capacity. The tray is constructed of rugged, black powder-coated aluminum. High-strength steel foot rails firmly attach the rack to your truck bed.

Moreover, the rack can accommodate various cargo with its t-slot design. The low-profile foot rails maintain a slimmed-down aesthetic while supporting a sturdy roof rack. At just 2” tall, the Slimline II tray keeps overall vehicle height to a minimum.

You’ll drive with confidence knowing the Slimline II is backed by Front Runner’s limited lifetime warranty. This roof rack kit delivers functionality, quality construction, and clean custom style for your Toyota Tundra CrewMax.

2. Toyota Tundra Double Cab (2007-2021) Slimline II Roof Rack Kit


You’ll love the versatility and durability of the Front Runner Slimline II Roof Rack for your 2007-2021 Toyota Tundra Double Cab. This full-size cargo rack allows you to haul gear easily and costs only $989.

The kit contains Front Runner’s signature Slimline II tray made of powder-coated aluminum, providing corrosion resistance and strength while keeping the rack lightweight. Furthermore, it comes with a wind deflector to help cut through the air and low-profile foot rails designed to mount the tray to your Tundra.

Installation does require drilling, but Front Runner provides all necessary hardware and detailed instructions. Accordingly, you can install the roof rack or have a shop do it. Moreover, the rack can accommodate over 55 compatible accessories, allowing endless customization possibilities.

So whether you need to mount a hi-lift jack, rooftop tent, cargo basket, or other gear, this roof rack covers all your adventures. With a limited lifetime warranty and durable finish to stand up to the elements, Front Runner’s roof rack kit will serve you and your Tundra well for years.

3. The Grizzly 2022-2023 Toyota Tundra Crewmax


If you recently purchased a new 2022 or 2023 Toyota Tundra Crewmax, The Grizzly Tundra roof rack is ideal. This heavy-duty rack is designed for your truck’s bed size and provides versatile cargo options.

With a capacity of 600 pounds when stationary, this roof rack can securely transport bulky gear. Furthermore, the 1/4-inch thick aircraft-grade aluminum side panels and stainless steel hardware make the rack incredibly sturdy. You’ll know that your cargo is safe, even on bumpy terrain.

Moreover, the rack’s seven crossbars give you flexibility in securing items. You can bolt gear directly to the bars or strap it to the side plates. Additionally, the included fairing helps reduce wind noise and drag when transporting gear at highway speeds.

The Grizzly roof rack’s durability, cargo capacity, and Toyota Tundra-specific design make it an excellent choice. With this rack, you’ll be ready for any adventure while keeping your truck protected.

4. UpTop Overland | Alpha eX Tundra Cap Rack  


As a Toyota Tundra owner looking for the perfect roof rack, you should consider the UpTop Overland | Alpha eX Tundra Cap Rack. Priced at $1,048.98, this rack is designed specifically for Tundras with toppers or UpTop’s TRUSS bed rack system.

The 2024 updated model features seven load bars, scenePOD cutout options, and grab handles to maximize your truck’s cargo capacity and versatility. Accordingly, with the Alpha eX, you can bring your Tundra to the next level. It mounts directly onto your topper’s existing Thule or Yakima cargo tracks.

Moreover, it is also the optional rack system for UpTop’s aggressive and modular TRUSS bed rack. However, due to its width, the Alpha eX is incompatible with RSI Smartcap’s gull-wing doors.

The Alpha eX has all the required mounting hardware, fasteners, washers, lock nuts, and spacers. So you’ll have everything needed for a quick and secure install. Ultimately, if you want to optimize your Tundra’s cargo capacity and utility, the durable, modular, full-featured UpTop Overland | Alpha eX Tundra Cap Rack is a roof rack option you should strongly consider.



Installing a roof rack makes transporting oversized gear easy with your Toyota Tundra. 

As a Tundra owner, you want a durable rack that provides ample cargo space and is quick to install. The four systems described above check all those boxes while offering excellent product warranties. 

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