Dropcity in Progress

In April 2024, Dropcity presents In Progress: the construction site of the final layout of Dropcity, a Center for Architecture and Design – conceived and curated by Architect Andrea Caputo – and scheduled to open by the end of 2024.

Milan Design Week

During Milan Design Week, Dropcity’s self-creation process will involve universities such as the Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design of Kiel, Germany, innovative companies like Wasp 3D Printing, and collectives such as SOCII from Tblisi, Georgia.

Milan Design Week

From April 12 to 21, the tunnels along Via Sammartini will host exhibitions, installations, lectures, workshops, and initiatives related to the theme of process in Architecture and Design.

Milan Design Week

Among its protagonists: Sam Chermayeff, Berlin; WE+, Tokyo; Archimosphere, Seoul; Adam Stech, Prague; WASP 3D printing, Italy; XL Extralight, Italy; Muthesius University, Kiel; Fake Authentic, Italy; 6am, Italy; SOCII collective, Tbilisi. Source by SEC Newgate.

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