Object Beyond House by kalbod studio

What new possibilities could be unlocked by fully exploring the potential capabilities of the modern box? The experiment ” Object Beyond House” seeks to address this very question.

It explores the potential for a self-sustaining existence by maximizing its own inherent capabilities. This project’s architectural concept emerges organically from within itself, free from external influences.

Image © kalbod studio

Through this heterogeneous growth, a novel spatial experience unfolds, presenting a hybrid space that paradoxically intertwines the private realm of living, with public gallery spaces.

As architect Valerio Olgiati suggests, the paradox lies not in employing theatrical tricks for surprise, but in fostering a mental dialogue between the user and the building.

Image © kalbod studio

The object establishes a dynamic relationship with the building, at times breaching its boundaries and at others retreating inwards. It strategically opens up to welcome light and seamlessly integrates with the facade at certain points.

These moments of interplay spark the initial dialogue between Humans and Architecture, and the building’s form, no longer solely decipherable from the exterior, compels them to enter the building and explore its architecture from within.

Image © kalbod studio

The building prioritizes the concept of “being” within space. As you navigate through the galleries, a sense of ambiguity arises.

You undeniably find yourself within the confines of the cube, yet the experience transcends these boundaries.

Image © kalbod studio

The shifting ceiling heights, the interplay of natural light, and the strategically placed voids that subtly reference your vertical location, all contribute to a novel and disorienting spatial experience.

“Object Beyond House” pushes the boundaries of architectural exploration by independently testing the inherent capabilities and self-organizing potential of its form and seeks to forge a novel experimental path for the future of design. Source by kalbod studio.


Location: Teheran, Iran

Architect: kalbod studio

Principal Architect: Mohamad Rahimizadeh

Lead Architect: Shaqayeq Nemati

Architect in charge: Nastaran Shabanzadeh

R&D: Pegah Samei, Pardis Ahmadi

Presentation: Asha Atashband, Tanaz AhmadiNasab

Images: Ziba Baghban, Courtesy of kalbod studio





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