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There are a host of manufacturers from around the globe that produce high quality skid steers of all sorts and model categories. From Kubota, Komatsu, Caterpillar and Bobcat who are industry leaders in the market, there are others that offer similar quality and performance that have made them popular within the skid steer market.

Most of these machines highlighted in this article have been found to be very popular among the skid steer for hire spectrum given the fact that skid steers are generally taken for hire rather than purchased by most construction companies.

This article presents 5 of the most popular skid steer brands that are most frequently rented by construction companies due to their robustness, power, practicality, versatility, fuel efficiency and more importantly price.

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The CASE SR160B Skid Steer Loader which is priced at approximately $27,500 offers operators a Perkins/ISM N844LT-F-45SL Engine which is the latest diesel powered engine by CASE. The machine offers auxiliary hydraulics of 3,050 psi and a ground clearance of about 22”. The machine has a 60 L tank which assures long operational periods.

The CASE SR160B Skid Steer Loader is a multipurpose machine that is suitable for most types of construction projects.  The slightly higher priced WACKER SW16-Radial Lift Skid Steer Loader is up next at a purchase price of about $36,000 offers more power with the latest Kohler KDI 1903 TCR engine fitted to it coupled with a 113 L fuel tank.

Sporting a ground clearance of 7.6”, a rated operating capacity 50% @ 725 KGs and an operating weight of 2800 KGs almost, this machine has the power and robustness to deliver at project sites whatever the task may be. However, the model is only available in certain regions and unavailable in others and due to this, prices may differ significantly from region to region.

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Therefore, in regions where this model is unavailable, it is advised to substitute them with other well-known skid steer brands such as Kubota and Komatsu which are readily available for purchase or for hire. At the mere mention of ‘Mustang’ most people’s minds would race to the car, however the Mustang 1050R is a skid steer loader which is priced at a mere $37,000.

The compact skid steer loader is fitted with a YANMAR 3TNV88C KMS Engine (Stage 3-A) and affords 2800 rpm or 26.5 KW of raw power. With a large fuel tank (677 L) the machine could be operated all day long (Rated Operating Capacity of 957 KGs) and is capable of taking on most standard excavator and skid steer rental tasks.  The slightly pricey JCB 215 Skid Steer Loader coming in at an approximate $50,000 offers 74 HP of power via the KDI 2054 TCR engine making it exceedingly powerful (Rated Operating Capacity – 960 KGs and Operating Weight @ 3290 KGs).

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The RAY RSS860 Wheel Skid Steer Loader is the latest skid steer in the market that is creating waves in the market with regards to its soon to be announced launch. According to the manufacturer the RAY RSS860 offers features such as enhanced space for operator comfort and wider cab door opening for easier machine access.

Inside sources also reveal that the machine has a ‘Super Configuration’ attributed to the Danfoss-Eaton – Rexroth motor that delivers exceptional superior performance.

The selected skid steers above have been based on market outlook and not based on machine performance. It is important to remember that different variants of skid steers offer different elements suited for projects and as such decisions to purchase or hire skid steers should be based on project specification fit to machine specifications and of course the price almighty.

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