Ondes de lumière by Miguel Chevalier

As part of the charter “1 building, 1 work”, Vinci Immobilier commissioned artist Miguel Chevalier to create an artwork for the Universeine district in Saint-Denis, the heart of the athletes’ village during the Paris 2024.

In consultation with architects Béal & Blanckaert, Pascal Gontier, Lina Ghotmeh, and Gaëtan Le Penhuel, Miguel Chevalier conceived the work “Ondes de Lumière” consisting of eight organic-shaped resin chandelier sculptures suspended from the ceilings of five porches in the two blocks of buildings along the Allée de la Seine.

Photo © Thomas Granovsky

Miguel Chevalier highlights the proximity of the Seine and draws inspiration from the movements of the water. In a stylised, relief-like way, he materialises the phenomenon of waves. Natural light creates a subtle effect in the material with striped bands alternating between transparency and translucency.

At nightfall, these sculptures light up, resembling large, colourful drapes. They project a succession of concentric rings onto the ground, representing the propagation of light waves and interference phenomena.

Photo © Thomas Granovsky

These sculptures create, for each porch, a vibrant universe of energy. Light introduces a sensitive and welcoming atmosphere for each porch, creating a soft and colorful ambiance tinged with dream and poetry.

These five successive creations, visible by residents or passersby, develop a uniqueness and identity specific to this group of buildings. Source by Miguel Chavalier.

Photo © Thomas Granovsky

Location: Athletes’ Village, Saint-Denis, France

Artist: Miguel Chevalier

Commissioned: Vinci Immobilier as part of the charter “1 building, 1 work”

Sculptures-chandeliers: Acrylic crystal Dacryl® and ALTUGLAS R-Life (recycled Cast Acrylic Sheet), LED ribbons, gobo projectors

Year: 2024

Photographs: Thomas Granovsky, Courtesy of Miguel Chevalier

Photo © Thomas Granovsky

Photo © Thomas Granovsky

Photo © Thomas Granovsky

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