Electric Vehicle: Porsche builds highest power charging station in Europe

Porsche announced last Wednesday that it opened what amounts to Europe’s most powerful charging station yet.

The charging station taps into 7 MW of energy from all-renewable sources, and it’s a showcase for Porsche Turbo Charger units, developed by Porsche Engineering and showcased over recent years as part of its plans for Taycan and other future electric models.

The facility includes 12 350-kw DC fast charging points with 24-hour public access, six additional 350-kw charging points in closer control of the automaker, and four 22-kw AC charge points (technically Level 2, but nearly three times the potential power).

In a release, Porsche Leipzig GmbH chairman of the Board of Management Gerd Rupp said that the charging park “will significantly enrich the charging infrastructure in central Germany,” and noted that “electric and hybrid vehicles of all brands are welcome.”

(Source:Green Car Reports)

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