5 prominent statues likely to be relocated temporarily due to the construction of New Parliament of India

Around five statues, including that of Mahatma Gandhi, in the Parliament complex are also likely to be relocated temporarily due to the construction work and they will be reinstalled at prominent places within the new complex once the project is completed. The iconic 16-feet high statue of Mahatma Gandhi is located opposite Gate Number 1 of Parliament House. The statue greets visitors entering Parliament House and has also been the location of gatherings, protests and press interactions by MPs. According to Rajya Sabha’s website, the statue of Mahatma Gandhi in a meditating posture sculpted by Ram Sutar, was unveiled by the then President of India Dr Shankar Dayal Sharma on October 2, 1993. It also said that the statue was donated by the Ministry of Urban Development.

The new Parliament building will be constructed close to the existing one under the Central Vista redevelopment project and it is expected to be completed in 21 months from the start of construction work. In September, Tata Projects Limited had won the bid to construct a new parliament building at a cost of ₹ 861.90 crore. As per a news from sources, The proposed date of laying the foundation stone of the new Parliament building is around December 10, the final date would depend on the availability of the Prime Minister. According to the CPWD, the existing Parliament building will continue to function during the entire period of execution of the project. Once the new building is built, the existing Parliament building will be used for other purposes.

Source: inputs from NDTV website, published for awareness in fraternity.

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