Synergy Needed Among Architects, Real Estate Developers, Govt to Deliver Green Buildings: Sanjay Seth

Synergy is required amongst the architects, the real estate developers and the government to design and deliver green buildings. Green buildings are still perceived to be expensive by the end users. While there have been steps taken to orient the market towards a life-cycle approach in estimating the financial implication of construction, operational savings due to lower consumption of energy still fail to attract the necessary investments, believes Sanjay Seth, CEO, Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment (GRIHA) Council, a government-backed non-profit organization focused on green building ratings.

In conversation with Manu Tayal, Associate Editor, Saur Energy International, Seth shared his views on various issues which the power sector is currently dealing with along with the organization’s various initiatives in the renewable energy segment.

(Source: Article by Manu Tayal on website of  Saur Energy International)

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