Coronavirus advisory: Avoid meetings and travels, install thermal scanners, says Centre to govt offices

In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak in India, the central government on Tuesday issued an advisory for all central government offices asking them to install thermal scanners at the entry pints of all government buildings wherever it is feasible to do so.

The advisory also asks the central government departments to ensure that hand sanitizers are placed at the entry points.

“Those found having flu-like symptoms may be advised to take proper treatment and quarantine,” the advisory states.

It also says government offices must discourage, “to the maximum extent”, entry of visitors in the office complexes.

Besides this, the offices have been asked to suspend routine issue of visitors/temporary passes with immediate effect. “Only those visitors who have proper permission of the officer who they want to meet, should be allowed after being properly screened,” the advisory says.

In regards to meetings, the government offices have been advised to ensure that as far as feasible, meetings should be held through video conferencing. It also asks offices to either minimise or reschedule meetings that are likely to involve large number of people unless the meeting is necessary.

“Avoid nonessential official travel and undertake essential correspondence on official email. Avoid sending documents to other offices, to the extent possible. Facilitate delivery and receipt of letters (dak) at the entry point itself of the office building, as far as practical,” the advisory says. (Source:

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