Polaris – LVNL by Ector Hoogstad Architects

Securing safe air traffic flows in The Netherlands is the responsibility of Air Traffic Control the Netherlands also known as LVNL. Highly trained professionals closely guard the Dutch skies from LVNL’s Headquarters at Schiphol Airport and arrange safe passage for all.

Due to a necessary and large-scale renovation of the existing operations room, and because of LVNL’s desire to have additional room for training and emergencies, a second building across the road was constructed, Polaris.

Photo © Petra Appelhof

Besides having the new operations room, the new building also contains offices, additional training facilities and technical installations. A 35-meter-long bridge across the road connects the new building to the existing one. The offices and training facilities are located on the Southside of the building and offer views of the existing LVNL Headquarters.

The transparent façade has silk-screened glass slats – the shape of which was inspired by the cross-section of the wing of an airplane – that prevent the building from heating up too much or for allowing too much daylight to enter the facilities. The operations room sits on top of the plinth that houses various installations as well.

Photo via Nationale staalprijs

Its façade is made of glass panels that reflect the ever-changing Dutch skies. Both the Northeast and the Northwest corners are angled upwards in order to provide a wide-open view of the skies above. The platform can be seen from the main operations room as well.

The bridge between the old and new construction is more than a mere access point to the other building. The extra wide bridge has been designed as a communal meeting place attracting people from both sides equally. And the bridge’s unique ‘fishnet tights’ construction adds undeniable character to it. Source by Ector Hoogstad Architects.

Photo © Petra AppelhofPhoto © Petra AppelhofPhoto © Petra AppelhofLocation: Schiphol Oost, The NetherlandsArchitect: Ector Hoogstad ArchitectsConstruction Design: IMd Raadgevende IngenieursClient: LVNLYear: 2022Photographs: Petra Appelhof, Courtesy of Ector Hoogstad Architects

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