DW02 Lighthouse by Benthem Crouwel Architects

Sloterdijk-area in Amsterdam will change in the coming years, from a one-sided office area to a mixed city district. Benthem Crouwel Architects drew up the masterplan for the large-scale transformation of this area. Less than 500 meters from the station a new addition to the city will be developed: District West.

The office buildings of this currently undiscovered and unattractive industrial area are being (re)developed with high ambitions in the field of architecture, sustainability and circularity. There will be characterful, innovative buildings with varied architecture. The rough, robust character is retained but warmth, atmosphere and quality of stay are added.

The area will be smartly and modularly developed with wood and other sustainable materials. With a green heart, public walking lanes and meeting places. District West will be a stylish, healthy and cozy environment for people to live, work and relax.

From one-sided area to lively creative place
The first step in the large-scale transformation of the area will be the development of DW02 Lighthouse. To this end, the existing high-rise building on the Basisweg will be upgraded into a considerably more sustainable version and expanded into a high-quality office of 13,000 m2.

Maurice Korenblik, Projectarchitect Benthem Crouwel Architects: “The new extension embraces the north wing of the existing building and connects it with the rest of the site. The extension is fully aligned with the structure of the existing building. The streamlined, functional grid in the façade will get a more accessible look by providing it with large transparent openings.”

DW02 Lighthouse will have a new orientation on the central square of District West and will be opened up with a transparent façade with an impressive entrance. For the new façade, parts of the existing granite façade will be reused as granulate. The construction of the extension is built completely sustainable in wood and offers space for various roof terraces.

DW02 Lighthouse has a spectacular view over the port- and the city of Amsterdam. There will be offices from 20 m² up to 1,500 m² per floor. This makes the building very suitable for a lively mix of tenants, from start-ups to corporates. In order to provide tenants and employees with all conveniences, the building will be equipped with shared facilities, such as a central reception, meeting rooms and a restaurant.

Phase 1 District West
In the coming years, the entire District West area will be transformed into a dynamic city district with more than 100,000 m² of offices and facilities. The construction of DWO2 Lighthouse has now started and is scheduled to be completed at the end of 2023.

Location: Basisweg 30, Amsterdam. The NetherlandsArchitect: Benthem Crouwel ArchitectsProject Team: Daniel Jongtien, Maurice Korenblik, Lavinia Spruit, Sophie Dikmans, Douwe Kelderman, Marcel Wassenaar, Grey Soekijad, Mathijs Molenaar, Volker Krenz, Maurits van Ardenne, Jorren VerheesenLandscape Architect: ZUS [Zones Urbaines Sensibles]Structural Engeneering: Van RossumRaadgevende IngenieursMechanical Services: CBRE B.V. | Development ServicesBuilding Physics: DGMR Bouw BVOther Advisors: IGG Bouweconomie (building costs), CBRE B.V. (projectmanagement)Contractor: BiltzClient: APF International Investment Management, Angelo Gordon Netherlands B.V.Gross Floor Area: 15.715 m2 BVOStart Construction: October 2022Opening: December 2023Images: Courtesy of Benthem Crouwel Architects

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