Nanjing Art Center by Studio Link-Arc

The Nanjing Art Center is located at the southernmost tip of Nanjing New Town, where three rivers intersect to create a landform known as “The Fish Mouth” due to its unique shape.

The area surrounding the site is a densely developed zone that will become Nanjing’s new Central Business District. Located in the heart of this new CBD, the Nanjing Art Center is a collection of noble art and new lifestyles.

Photo © Qingshan Wu

Defined by an architectural strategy that unifies architecture, landscape, and public space, the Nanjing Art Center will become an iconic presence in the region and will create a new “living room” for the city.

The design concept originates from a series of sinuous folding walls which twist ninety degrees in section to combine “wall” and “floor” into a single gesture. This process of turning and folding generates rich spatial experiences, connects interior and exterior, and turns the building into a unified and complete form.

Photo © Qingshan WuPhoto © Qingshan Wu

The experience of wandering between these spaces shares a spiritual connection with the experience of lingering in traditional eastern gardens.

By applying a limited number of sinuous geometries and a clearly defined circulation strategy, the building can be understood as a contemplative sequence of connected spaces.

Photo © Qingshan WuPhoto © Qingshan Wu

The exterior skin of the building is clad with parametrically designed stainless steel panels, while the interior surfaces are defined by a palette of wood and metal that extends the material strategy of the exterior form.

The metallic form of the project promotes a sense of technology and optimism in line with the aspirations of surrounding urban neighborhood. Source by Studio Link-Arc.

Photo © Qingshan WuLocation: Nanjing, ChinaArchitect: Studio Link-ArcChief Architect: Yichen LuProject Manager: Kenneth NamkungProject Architect: Fupeng MeiProject Team: Jiabo Xu, Hyungsun Choi, Hang Li, Yoko Fujita, Yishuang GuoStructural Design: WS (XingJian Engineering Co., Ltd)Curtain Wall Consultant: DADI Façade Co., LtdParametric Consultant: Satorou from ATLVInterior Design: YU STUDIOLandscape Design: Metrostudio LandscapeLocal Design Institute: Nanjing Architectural Design & Research Institute Co., LtdGeneral Contractor: China Resources Construction, Co., LtdClient: China Resources Land Co., LtdBuilding Area: 1176 m2Completed: 2019.6Photographs: Qingshan Wu, Courtesy of Studio Link-ArcPhoto © Qingshan WuPhoto © Qingshan WuPhoto © Qingshan WuPhoto © Qingshan WuPhoto © Qingshan WuPhoto © Qingshan WuPhoto © Qingshan WuPhoto © Qingshan WuPhoto © Qingshan WuPhoto © Qingshan WuPlanSection

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