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Home theaters today are more than just places to watch movies. Many homeowners want their home theaters to be versatile, offering a range of activities. A pool table might fit perfectly in such an entertainment area, allowing homeowners to play pool while watching a movie on the big screen display or listening to music through speakers.

First Things First: the Big Screen


For a home theater to be complete, you need a big screen TV or projector system. If it’s used for other purposes, the room must be designed like an elegant private cinema. Today’s 4K TVs with HDR and OLED technology give you incredibly life-like images in high color, rich contrast, and crystal-clear clarity with no blur. A home theater design should take into account the way you watch movies and what you want from a movie-watching experience. You can make your theater more immersive with smart lighting, luxury theater seats or couches, motorized shades to control natural lighting, and themed décor.

The Sound of a Spectacular Space


A home theater design or multipurpose space would not be complete without a robust, high-end sound system, including a series of speakers that are ideal additions to your entertainment area. One of the best amplifiers will help you enjoy movies and other video material more than ever before. With a surround sound system configured properly, you can transform how you watch media. Not in the mood for a movie? That’s ok. Close your eyes and immerse yourself in the sounds of your favorite songs. A home media room is the perfect place to do so. Switch on your audio system by tapping an icon on your tablet and let the music wash over you. 

A Fun Place for Mixers & Games


 Instead of the traditional home theater, why not create a multi-purpose space? Turn up the lights, raise the shades, and play music in the background while you’re entertaining family or friends. You could have a billiard table, a poker table, or even a virtual golf course behind your theater seats. Why not add a wet bar into your home theater installation project? Then you can sip cocktails, dance the night away, or play charades or another game while enjoying your versatile entertainment room. If you have French doors that open to an outdoor entertainment area, then your party can spill out into this space for more excitement. No matter what your needs are, your home theater can become anything you want – adding even more luxury to your lifestyle!

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