Ceretos Museum by Joaquim Portela Arquitetos

The Museum is the Careto that overlooks at the Azibo, river in the Douro River basin.

It raises in order to strengthen the entrance, allowing a great pedestrian and visual permeability over the entire area of intervention.

Photo © Artefactorylab

Create an area for public use – the Museum gardens – which will be an extension of the exhibition area, outdoors.

The building is divided into three levels of use: at the entrance level, a public area with access to the reception/ticket offce, store and cafeteria (the latter also with exterior access).

Photo © Artefactorylab

At the frst foor, the exhibition area itself with a view of Azibo; at foor -1, an auditorium with capacity for 250 people. Source by Joaquim Portela Arquitetos.

The “Caretos” of Podence, the ancient diabolical carnival, has become part of the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Photo © Artefactorylab

Location: Podence, Portugal

Architect: Joaquim Portela Arquitetos

Lead Architect: Joaquim Portela

Colaborators: Helder Oliveira, Patrícia Silva

Client: Macedo de Cavaleiros City Hall / Casa do Careto

Site Area: 9919 m2

Construction Area: 2214 m2

Year: 2022

Photographs: Artefactorylab, Courtesy of Joaquim Portela Arquitetos

Photo © Artefactorylab

Photo © Artefactorylab

Photo © Artefactorylab

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