Strawberry Market by CAZA

Located in a dense, congested area of Baguio City, a 1st class highly urbanized city in the Cordillera Administrative Region, Philippines.

Strawberry Market is a new open-air market that both improves connectivity and flow within the area, and also reflects the city’s cultural heritage.

Image © CAZA

The design of this open-air market in Baguio nods to the city’s tribal heritage and vernacular architecture.

Its form echoes the distinctive trapezoidal roofs of native houses, and its facade is decorated in a pattern reminiscent of the Cordillera region’s rich weaving traditions.

Image © CAZA

Inside Strawberry Market, streets are animated with pocket gardens and public plazas that create a more pleasant experience for locals and tourists alike.

A green courtyard at the center of the market offers a new connection to nature, while multiple entrances on all three levels of the building improve porosity and accessibility. Source by CAZA.

Image © CAZA

Location: Baguio City, Philippines

Architect: CAZA

Design Team: Carlos Arnaiz, Gaby San Roman, Bettina Colet, Yuxiang Qi

Client: SM investment

Size: 101,871 sqm

Year: 2022

Images: Courtesy of CAZA

Tribal Transmutatio




Structural Module


Site Plan

Level 01 Floor Plan

Level 02 Floor Plan

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