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Are you paws-itively in love with cats and on the prowl for the purr-fect home decor ideas for cat lovers? We have the perfect home decor ideas for cat lovers. Whether you’re a proud cat parent or just can’t resist those irresistibly cute whiskers, we’ve got you covered. 

Warning – This blog is made for those who are constantly scrolling through cute cat memes, watching viral cat videos, and can’t take their eyes off cat-themed decoration things.

Cat Themed Home Decoration Ideas:

Get ready to express your love for cats and showcase the felinophile personality of yourself as we dive into some meow-velous home decor inspiration that will make your space the ultimate cat kingdom! So without further ado let’s jump in this article!

Cat Door Mat 

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When it comes to home decoration ideas for cat lovers; the entrance plays a crucial role. Hence get your hands on the cutest cat door mat ideas to warn your guests that they are entering into the cat kingdom when the door opens up. Cat door mats are available in unique designs; you can go from realistic illustrations to cool cat quotes. 

A Cat Wallpaper

As your guests enter- the first thing they’ll notice is the big cat wallpaper. However, there are many different kinds of cat wallpapers available on the market today. Adorable kitty wallpapers will work for you if you are a cutesy person, but cool attitude cat wallpapers may scare your guests if you are wild and adventurous. 

Quirky or Wild Cat Artwork

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If not a big fan of wallpaper, quirky cat artwork will surely add meow-velous charm to your living room and all over your home. From adding a sleepy and lazy cat or a fitness enthusiast cat will never fail to showcase your personality to your home, to the dining area with all foodie cat artwork that will make you hunger more. So hang on the frame and spruce up the boring wall. 

Cat Shaped Planters

Another thing to add to home decor ideas for cat lovers is placing cat-shaped planters on the shelves. Cat-shaped planters are a delightful way to combine your love for cats with a touch of greenery in your home. With these playful cat-shaped planters, your place will guarantee to seem like a haven for your friends who are as crazy for cats as you are.

Cat Printed Cushions 

source: pinterest.com

Are your cats hard to catch?  Simply throw on some furry or cat-printed cushions on your couch! These cushions boast soft, fuzzy materials that beautifully emulate the texture of a cat’s fur, adding a cozy and inviting atmosphere to your space.


From waking up to a cat-themed bedsheet and slipping into a cat-printed comforter to watching the time on a charming cat-shaped clock, every moment can become an opportunity to celebrate your love. Its unique and delightful presence becomes a focal point of your room, symbolizing the special bond between you and your beloved cats.

Kitty Cat Lamp

source: pinterest.com

The Kitty Cat Lamp will add a whimsical and cozy glow to any area. The adorable presence of a cat is incorporated into your home decor with this charming and inventive lighting accessory. The lamp has a body shaped like a cat and expressive features that radiate playfulness and character. Every detail has been carefully considered in its design. 

Cats on Bed-Bedsheet 

Whether you are a passionate cat lover or just looking to add some personality to your bedroom, this bedsheet lets you show off your love for cats while also giving the space a pop of visual interest. The bedsheet is a purr-fect addition to your bedroom ambiance, guaranteeing comfort and durability while offering a soft and inviting surface for a restful sleep that reflects your warmth toward these adorable creatures.

Adorable Cat Dinnerware

source: pinterest.com

From exploring the best home decoration ideas for cat lovers, such as the living room and bedroom, how can you overlook the kitchen – the most favorite place for cats if yours is a foodie? Get cat-printed dinner plates and bowls that seem childish but are all fair in love with cats. Whether it’s a cat coffee mug, a cat-shaped glass jar, or an ice tray filled with cats – cat-themed gifts and kitchen decor for cat lovers are there to suit.

Black & White Cat Salt-Pepper Shaker

Whether displayed as a decorative accent or used to season your favorite dishes, these shakers infuse your dining space with a dash of personality and cat-themed flair. The Black and white Cat Salt-Pepper Shaker perfectly combines functionality with charm, elevating your culinary setup. 

Last. Are You Felinophile “A Person Who Love Cats”?

Ever heard of a “felinophile”? Well, it’s not some complex scientific term; it’s just a fancy way of saying a person who loves cats. So let’s find out if you are one! 

– You own cat-themed everything

– Your gallery is 90% cat pictures

– Cat puns are your real jam

– Your friends tag you in every cat-related post they come across.

– Your idea of a perfect gift? anything cat-themed

– You are going to follow all the aforementioned “home decoration ideas for cat lovers”

If it’s all “YES” congratulations your love for a cat is true!

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