Geomdan Museum·Library Cultural Complex in Incheon by ArchiWorkshop and Studio Akkerhuis

The Geomdan Museum·Library Cultural Complex is a future ‘green’ landmark, merging natural landscapes, urban design, and historical elements in Geomdan.

This eco-conscious, energy-efficient complex is central to the city’s vision as a cultural and design hub in the northwestern metropolitan area, fostering industry, academia, and research.

Image © ArchiWorkshop and Studio Akkerhuis

This facility extends beyond traditional museums, serving multiple roles:

As a regional logistical hub for 65 public libraries in Incheon Metropolitan City.

Image © ArchiWorkshop and Studio Akkerhuis

A local preservation, research, and exhibition center for Geomdan New Town’s cultural assets.

A symbolic landmark blending nature and culture for public engagement.

Integrating a library, museum, and educational center, the complex achieves structural, energy, and logistical efficiency while allowing distinct operational identities.

Image © ArchiWorkshop and Studio Akkerhuis

Its design as a ‘living bridge’ connects ecobridges with a green roof, enhancing the ecosystem and symbolically linking surrounding mountains.

Beneath this, an inviting cultural and educational hub echoes a historical hamlet, offering diverse functional spaces.

Image © ArchiWorkshop and Studio Akkerhuis

The ground level incorporates historical elements, seamlessly linking urban and natural landscapes. It hosts an open-air exhibition space under the Eco bridge, connecting park and city.

The complex weaves urban fabric, creating a dynamic public space that unites city and park. The museum and library unfold in accessible layers, with interconnected cores from basement to third floor.

Image © ArchiWorkshop and Studio Akkerhuis

The ground floor activates with community services, public facilities, and a vibrant main piazza for events and social gatherings.

The design fosters a museographic journey from the street to a tranquil lake promenade, making the library and museum inviting and participatory cultural spaces. Source by ArchiWorkshop and Studio Akkerhuis.

Image © ArchiWorkshop and Studio Akkerhuis

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