How fit is your Workplace? Check with Building Fitness Indicator tool by GRIHA Council

GRIHA Council has launched a self-assessment online tool Building Fitness Indicator (BFI) to assess safety and hygiene standards for workplaces in India. GRIHA Council has developed this tool and is offering it as a free service to help organisations make their workplaces safe and sanitised in the post-lockdown period.
The tool is developed as a checklist to assess the measures adopted by building proprietors and managers to ensure hygiene and ventilation in workplaces. The resulting analysis would appear as readings on a meter, indicating whether or not the organization is prepared to combat the highly contagious disease. The tool will provide guidance based on the standard practices followed across the globe (like WHO, OSHA) and in the country (MoHFW) to prevent the workplace exposure to COVID-19.
The BFI appraises the workplace on all necessary policies such as waste management, proper housekeeping, government guidelines for Covid-19, and social distancing to deal with the post-lockdown phase. Furthermore, the tool evaluates the ideal working conditions based on certain aspects, including ventilation rate, indoor temperature and so on, to provide a healthy working environment for its occupants.
Speaking about the indicator, Sanjay Seth, CEO, GRIHA Council, and senior director, Sustainable Habitat Programme, TERI, said, “BFI is a self-assessment tool developed by GRIHA Council as a social initiative. GRIHA Council has always worked on the underlying principles of ‘what gets measured, gets managed’. The BFI has been developed based on guidelines issued globally and nationally. However, the tool is not a rating or a certification but is advisory in nature and we encourage all organisations to use this tool to prevent exposure to COVID-19.”
Central Public Works Department, Governemt of India’s a central agency for execution of public works has also directed their various offices to use BFI Tool.
The organisations that would like to evaluate their workplace readiness can visit .

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